Marauders #24 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Art: Phil Noto

Letters: VC’s Cory Petit

Publisher: Marvel
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 9/15/2021
Reviewer: Soycornholio


I did the biggest eye roll when I read that this issue would take place in space. Here’s a fun fact about me: I hate cosmic Marvel. Yes, yes, yes, I know some amazing Marvel stories have taken place in the cosmos. And yes, my favorite comic entity (the Phoenix) normally resides up there as well. But after spending numerous hot summers reading about the Brood laying eggs in Storm and Binary zipping around, I just don’t have much patience for it anymore. So full disclaimer, I went into Gerry Duggan’s Marauders #24 with a chip on my shoulder. But, how was the overall story? Let’s jump into it!

*Mild Spoilers*


Right out of the gate, the art was super clunky in this issue. Normally I do not care too much about the art, but this was unavoidable. When in diamond form, Emma seemed…Clunky. As if she was a creature from Minecraft. For some mutants (the Blob and Glob Herman) they can be drawn with less finesse. They’re more forgiving if that makes sense. Emma Frost? The White Queen? I think of Greg Land’s take of her in Phoenix: End Song. I think of that classic trading card from the ’90s with the Hellfire logo in the background. But a block-figure with very faint human features is not it. Now, Phil Noto is an amazing artist. He has drawn some of my favorite artwork of the X-Men in the past, so I do not doubt his skillsets. But for this one, it’s a no for me. And on a side note, can we change Kate’s hairstyle?

This seems Familiar:

I feel as if I saw a version of Marauders #24 play out in one of the Star Wars movies. An intergalactic criminal searching for an item that was stolen from him and leads them to a bar. Yes, it seems regurgitated but oddly enough, it works for the new X-Status quo. I like seeing the newly terraformed Mars (shout out to Bobby for being one of the Elders) fleshed out. I can see there eventually being an X-Comic that solely takes place on Mars. Bring it on.

Twilight Zone:

I am seriously grinning ear from the ear with the X-Men. They have gone from the outcasts of the Marvel Universe to the talk of the universe. Duggan recognizes this and continues to elevate the mutants. Between their pending introduction into the MCU, their new status quo in the comics, AND the new Wolverine game that is forthcoming, we are in the twilight zone! I mean, it was only a few short years ago when the Inhumans seemed to be at a higher status than the mutants (yes…that did happen).

Final Thoughts:

So, what are my thoughts on Marauders #24 by Gerry Duggan? Look, Duggan has the uncanny ability to hook even this space hater into an interesting story. This was the saving grace in this issue. Seriously, Duggan is a wizard with a pen (or pencil). The story moved along in a natural way that kept the plot entertaining. The biggest downfall is the art. Will Noto rebound? I’m sure of it, but it was a bit hard to overlook it in this issue. Lastly, the ending in this issue? Bring on the Inferno…



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