Infinite Frontier #4 Preview

Infinite Frontier #4 Synopsis:   President Superman finds himself in the wrong world, and it isn’t looking good. Bones and Chase attempt to stop super-powered heroes and villains from crossing Multiversal lines. If they can shut down the President of Steel, they think that it will serve as a signal to all to not mess with Earth-0! This is only a distraction, however, as Injustice Incarnate begins to show them the worst the Multiverse has to offer, and only Flashpoint Batman is there to lend the heroes backup.

cover by: MITCH GERADS
card stock variant by BRYAN HITCH
Suicide Squad Movie Variant by JOHN K. SNYDER III

ON SALE 8/10/21

$4.99 US | 40 PAGES | FC | DC 4 of 6

card stock variant – $5.99
Suicide Squad Movie Variant – $5.99

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