Immortal Hulk To End At Issue 50

Listen up Hulk fans, Artist Joe Bennett has confirmed on Twitter that IMMORTAL HULK #50 will be the last issue of their extraordinary run. To this Comic Book Journalist, as well as many others, this is incredibly disheartening news. Other than many of the current X-Men titles, Al Ewing’s run as the lead storyteller of the Hulk has been smashingly consistent and on point almost every issue. To those of you who haven’t dipped your toe into the IMMORTAL HULK waters yet, you need to grab some back trades by clicking HERE and hop on board the gravy train before it reaches its spectacular end.

Now, I know what many of you are thinking, “It’s Twitter and Joe Bennett is just the artist. Does he really know?” First of all, Bennett is the foundation of this book. He is just as much a vital part of telling this story as Ewing. It’s Bennett’s artistic license that elevates this series to new and amazing heights. His blend of frighteningly graphic horror mixed with realistically violent overtones is brilliantly rich, polished, and chilling down to the core. Ewing and Bennett are truly a match made… in Hell! If you’re a horror comic fan and have never read a Hulk comic, this is the series for you. It is genuinely one of the best comics on the market today. Again, click HERE to get your hands on this series ASAP!

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What’s even more remarkable is that IMMORTAL HULK will have been running smoothly for almost four years when this is all said and done, which is so impressive. Personally, I feel like this story could continue AND SHOULD (if Ewing or Bennett are listening). But, I know for a fact Al Ewing isn’t since I was one of the many who got blocked for absolutely no reason many “moons over my hammy” ago. Yet, even after the ridiculous Twitter block and only singing his praises, I’m still out there continuing to applaud this book. Why? Because it’s damn good people and I for one (like many) will be sad to see it go.

Well, where are we now? Before we all became Social Distance Warriors, IMMORTAL HULK #33 graced us with its presence. Next week, on Wednesday, June 24th, readers will finally get IMMORTAL HULK #34! So, if everything goes according to plan, Marvel normally ships this series out with three issues every two months. Meaning, this should end around this time next year. However, with the slow-moving kick start of Marvel right now, it may be easier to place the ending around Halloween 2021 if I was to guess. Wouldn’t that be a rich ending to this hauntingly charged series?

So readers, head out now and pick up all the back issues and trades you can. You can even head to my online Amazon Comic Shop and grab everything you need right HERE. I promise you that it’s definitely worth the money and time investment. Also, feel free to check out my past IMMORTAL HULK reviews HERE as well as my IMMORTAL HULK Catch Up and Series Summary of issues 1-15 HERE! Thanks for the read and I hope you continue to stay safe and stay healthy.

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