Future State: Gotham #2 Preview

Future State: Gotham #2 Synopsis: Tragedy has brought Gotham City to its knees. Countless people are dead, seemingly at the hands of the Next Batman. Gotham demands justice, and Red Hood has vowed to answer their call. Even if that means beating his way through Nightwing and the rest of the Bat-Family to do it.

written by Joshua Williamson AND Dennis Culver

art by Giannis Milonogiannis

cover by LADRÖNN

card stock variant cover by Derrick Chew

ON SALE 6/8/2021

$3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC

card stock variant cover $4.99 US | FC | DC

Check out the Future State: Gotham #2 Preview Pages below

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  1. Jason say that Tim is immortal now, is because of the water of the pit of Lazarus? Sooo Jason is also immortal? Because I know that doesn’t age

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