Action Comics #1047 Review

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Artist: Riccardo Federici

Color Artist: Lee Loughridge

Cover Artist: Steve Bleach

Publisher: DC Comics

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

The Warworld Revolution is over! Mongul has fallen and Superman has liberated the people of Warworld. And now, after time away from his home, Clark Kent, aka Kal-El, aka Superman, has returned to Earth. See Superman reunite with his family and friends and get right back into action in Action Comics #1047!


Superman is back, just like it says on the cover. Fans who wanted more of the original Superman back in action on Earth, can find that here. This issue also sees the return of Riccardo Federici as the main artist on the series again in dynamic fashion. Phillip Kennedy Johnson continues to show his talent with writing Superman as a person and superhero both when it comes to fighting bad guys, saving lives, and just interacting with people. But like the synopsis says, we also get the return of two classic Superman villains back in action as well.

The first and obvious example is the return of Metallo but not in the way you think. One thing this issue does well is humanize the characters in their own ways, for both heroes like Superman and villains like Metallo. The opening of the issue does a good job of making you just feel bad for Metallo as he gets a visit from his sister Tracy in Stryker’s Island. It’s the basic humanity that Johnson nails with the re-introduction of the character as we haven’t seen him for a while. Federici’s art and Lee Loughridge’s colors also help do a fantastic job in setting the somber mood and unenviable position that we see Metallo in this issue.

From there we get Superman doing his Superman thing, stopping bad guys with some hi-tech weapons and saving civilians from mortal danger. All while spreading a little good will and sound advice that both kids and adults can learn to do everyday. It might sound weird to be celebrating some good-old-fashioned superheroics from Superman, but after years of writers consistently trying to deconstruct something about this character, it’s more than a welcome return to see him back to form and doing what he does best.

However, the story doesn’t stop there for Superman. We see the beginnings of a brand new story set in motion as a deliberate result of the aftermath of the Warworld Saga. At first, it’s one of those things that you’d expect Superman to do because he’s such a good person and would like to inspire everyone to step up to do the right thing. But it sounds like a bad idea waiting to happen that will have instant repercussions in the DC universe. And we see exactly that begin to happen which sets in motion events that brings all the major characters together.

The comic also has a backup story that also deals with the aftermath of the Warworld Saga and informs readers on a couple of things. We see the fate of the Phaelosian Thao-La revealed, nothing too surprising there. It also shows the beginnings of another threat as a result of the Warworld Saga. The backup is more of a wrap up story that does clean up for the immediate aftermath of the Warworld Saga while providing setup for the next backup story.

The writing in this comic was top notch as Phillip Kennedy Johnson nails the general spirit of Superman in his actions and dialogue. This extends with the rest of the characters too, he writes Lois Lane well, not to mention Metallo in the limited time that we see him in the comic and the other major villain in the comic. Riccardo Federici is back as the main artist, and it’s on full display with all of the operatic character designs, the mostly realistic designs of the characters, and the dynamic action he illustrates. Of course, the big question is how long he’ll be the main artist on the title this time. I can’t say for sure, but I’m hoping that he’s on the title for as long as this story arc lasts.

Final Thoughts:

Action Comics #1047 delivers the welcome return of Clark Kent, aka Kal-El, aka Superman to Earth. The comic sees Superman doing classic superheroics stopping bad guys, saving lives, and kicking off the next story with the return of some popular villains. It’s also a solid jumping-on point for new and longtime Superman readers. The comic issue also sees the return of Riccardo Federici as the main artist on the title. Don’t know how long Federici will be on the book, but it will be great if he’s on the book for at least the duration of this new story.


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