Gargoyles: Dark Ages #1 Review

Writer: Greg Weisman
Art: Drew Moss and Martina Pignedoli (colorist)
Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 12, 2023

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In Gargoyles: Dark Ages #1, we are taken back through time, in Scotland in 971 AD when the gargoyles and humans lived alongside each other, though not necessarily peacefully. It makes a good point to show Hudson as the leader and strategist of the clan. It does a good job of characterizing his leadership role, as he knows the wise thing to do. Goliath, not yet the leader at this point in time, has a minimal role in the story so far, but there is a connection to the modern day stories at the beginning. It remains to be seen whether each story will basically be an entire flashback, or if some will connect to the modern era. Weisman also has a text companion piece after the comic. It isn’t specified which character is writing, and doesn’t necessarily say whether the author is human or gargoyle, but it does serve as a way to further elaborate on the history of the narrative at the time.


Fans will notice a distinct difference between the art in Gargoyles: Dark Ages #1 and the art in the main Gargoyles comic also out from Dynamite. The art in this issue portrays some of the characters in a more detailed way, but not necessarily more reflected of how they looked on the show. It’s still easy to recognize certain gargoyles though, such as Goliath, Hudson and Demona. Additionally, the ending pages showing the gargoyles flying off into battle perfectly illustrates the ferocity and nobility of the gargoyles as a collective whole. The colorist depicts the changing times of day well, between sunrise and sunset, showing the lighting on characters corresponding to the brightness or darkness of the sky. This is important that it is shown clearly since the gargoyles’ lives revolve around the setting and rising of the sun.


Gargoyles: Dark Ages #1 is certainly a change of pace from the main Gargoyles comic from Dynamite, but nevertheless, it provides us with more history and backstory of the Gargoyles, beyond what was already revealed in the show. Plus, the text-only piece provides even more history. Will it be revealed who wrote the text at the end of this story? Will there be further connections with the modern day?


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