Gargoyles #5 Review

Writer: Greg Weisman
Art: George Kambadais
Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 26th, 2023

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As we saw in the previous issue, Goliath has been captured. Gargoyles #5 picks up right where the story left off. It is revealed the assailants are actually the Gargoyle Task Force, and not the Quarrymen. That being said, the leader of the Quarrymen, John Castaway, still makes an appearance here. It is still kind of confusing, given Weisman’s previous comments that he doesn’t consider season three of the show to be canon, though maybe he’s changed his mind. That being said, the story is still intriguing. The narration from Hudson really puts the story into perspective and allows the reader to empathize with him and how he cares for his clan. The narration really exemplifies the voice of the late Ed Asner, Hudson’s voice actor, and captures the character’s personality well. Brooklyn also shines as a leader in Goliath’s absence. Hopefully they’ll explain what happened to his eye in future issues. The scenes with the rival mob families were interesting, but not much is known about them yet. Hopefully more will be revealed in the future, that could have a connection to other key characters.


The art in Gargoyles #5 is very well done, especially with the use of bright colors for explosions or electric shocks. It is also cool how they juxtapose the faces of the 2 crime bosses, split down the middle. There’s also a great shot of Goliath, imprisoned and turned to stone, as well as Goliath’s final panel in the story, which his angry and solemn facial expression. It employs the use of shadows well, too, as Goliath is seen shrouded in shadow when his friends attempt to rescue him, until the final page, where we are given a close-up of his face.


Gargoyles #5 continues a compelling story. While it is still unclear about the warring mob families, the motives of the Gargoyle Task Force or how long Goliath will remain a prisoner, it seems apparent that the answers to these mysteries will soon be revealed. Weisman truly creates a story that fans of the show can be proud of and enjoy. There is still an element of mystery that leaves readers on their toes wondering what will happen next.


2 thoughts on “Gargoyles #5 Review

  1. Okay, since you seem confused by whether or not Goliath Chronicles is canon, since John Castaway appeared and the Quarrymen have been referenced.

    1. Canon is the first two seasons of Gargoyles, the SLG comic, and the current Dynamite comic.

    2. Greg Weisman wrote the first episode of the third season of Gargoyles, when it was still a hope that he’d produce the third season… that first episode was the gateway to HIS third season. Then he didn’t do the third season. He adapted that story into the SLG comic and thus it was still the first story of his canon continuation. So yes, John Castaway and the Quarrymen are canon… but the The Goliath Chronicles aren’t.

    1. Thanks for the info. I was confused about it. From what I read, it sounded like he was disavowing the entire third season even though he had worked on the first episode. Thanks for clearing that up; it will inform my reviews for future issues. I’m excited to see where this series goes next.

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