Disney Villains: Scar #1 Review

Writer: Chuck Brown
Art: Trevor Fraley and Chiara Di Francia (colorist)
Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Price: $3.99
Release date: April 5th, 2023

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Be prepared for a sensational new comic! Set in the world of Disney’s The Lion King, Disney Villains: Scar #1 focuses on one of Disney’s most ruthless villains, the licentious lion known as Scar. Fans of the movie will notice that the comic opens with Scar’s first lines of dialogue from the film. The dialogue is very well-done and fitting for the characters. It’s also easy to hear the voices of Jeremy Irons and James Earl Jones, who voiced Scar and Mufasa respectively, as you read. In a world of increased reboots and remakes, this story is a refreshing change of pace, as the storytellers endeavor to keep this true to the original movie and set the story within the events of the film. It takes in between Simba’s dedication as a baby and when we first see him as a young cub. We also can see possible foreshadowing to events that happen later in the movie, such as the wildebeest stampede and Scar’s eventual death scene. It’s also interesting to see new characters added and Scar interacting with characters that he didn’t really have scenes with in the movie, such as Rafiki. The storytellers really show that they understand and appreciate the source material and want to honor it the best they can.


While the art in Disney Villains: Scar #1 doesn’t resemble the animation style of the movie in the strictest sense, you can definitely recognize the characters. One of the best panels features Rafiki ready to attack. The battle between Scar and Mufasa in Scar’s dream is very well done and the eyes in the sky of the dream most likely represent the great kings of the past “that watch over us” according to what Mufasa says in the movie.


This is a great new addition to The Lion King saga. Disney Villains: Scar #1 showcases Scar’s ruthlessness without making the reader feel sympathy for him. So many stories want to make us feel sorry for the villains, but this makes sure to keep Scar as the evil creature that he is, all the while showing new layers to his character. In fact, this story even shows more potential reasons for his motivation to kill and usurp Mufasa. There are also hints of what’s to come. What do you think will happen next, and how might it connect to the events of the movie?


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