Disney Villains: Hades #3 Review

Writer: Elliot Kalan
Art: Alessandro Ranaldi
Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Price: $3.99
Release date: October 25th, 2023

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Disney Villains: Hades #3 continues the search for the Golden Fleece in this comedy caper story. It really capitalizes on humor in the interactions between the characters, showing Hades’ witty and sarcastic personality. Jason of Iolcos presents a worthy rival to Hades, perhaps even more so than Hercules, due to Jason’s own cocky personality. Unlike Hercules however, Jason is focused more on competition with Hades rather than being a hero. Still, the banter between them is amusing. The dialogue for Hades fits him well and it is reminiscent of how James Woods would deliver the lines. It is also interesting that Hades seems to fear potentially dying, despite being a Greek god and the Lord of the Underworld. It’s fun to see the running gag with the three fates, where the one fate chastises the other two for rhyming. There’s also a funny reference that some readers will catch where Medea mentions “Medea’s Family Reunion”, referring to the Madea character as played by Tyler Perry, where that was the title of one of his films as that character. There’s another film reference as Hades shouts “Are you not entertained?”, referencing the 2000 movie, Gladiator starring Russell Crowe.


The art in Disney Villains: Hades #3 remains consistent with what we’ve seen in previous issues. Hades is depicted in several ways and mannerisms very reminiscent of the original movie. The artist clearly had a blast drawing his various facial expressions. Hades is even depicted as wearing a rock star type outfit at one point. The sleepless dragon is slightly reminiscent of the Hydra that Hercules fights in the movie, at least in terms of color-scheme and ferocity. There are also some great fight scenes between Medusa and Arachne, as well as showing Hades and the minotaur teaming up against Jason.


Disney Villains: Hades #3 presents a fun and compelling story, with characters getting into various perilous situations done in a comedic way. Hades and Jason play off each other well. One can only wonder what will happen next, and who will end up triumphant with the Golden Fleece. Regardless of the outcome, it’s sure to be entertaining!


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