Young Justice: Targets #2 Review

Writer: Greg Weisman

Artist: Christopher Jones

Color Artist: Jason Wright

Cover Artists: Christopher Jones & Jason Wright

Publisher: DC Comics

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

The Team is on the move as Queen Perdita, one of their close allies and ex-girlfriend of Beast Boy, has been kidnapped by mysterious assailants! What do they want? Where did they take her? And what are the heroes going to do? Nothing. Because King Brion, aka Geo-Force, is on the case with his own team of superhumans. See how Geo-Force and the Infinitors get things done in Young Justice: Targets #2!


So, the comic starts out as you’d expect with a quick and succinct recap of the previous events while easing readers into the main focus of this comic: Geo-Force and the Infinitors going to rescue Perdita from her captors. The comic divides the focus between the Infinitors and the Justice League and the Young Justice Team as it explores both sides and their methods to trying to find and save Perdita. At least for a little while.

The members of the Team and the JL get some coverage but the comic mainly focuses on Geo-Force and his team. When the comic focuses on the Infinitors, it gives readers everything they need to know who’s who from their costumes to their codenames and their powers. Geo-Force uses his training with the Outsiders and the Team well here as he commands them like a cohesive unit.

The comic shows off each members’ power set in subsequent fashion with a little bit of their personality thrown in for good measure. Christopher Jones and Jason Wright continue to show their talents here with the art style perfectly matching the designs and visual aesthetic from the show. This extends to the action as well when Geo-Force and the Infinitors engage the kidnappers and have to fight them with their powers. The pages and panels are never cluttered or messy and the art and colors allow readers to clearly see who’s who and what their powers clearly are while in action.

Ultimately, the resolution of the conflict lends itself to very established elements from the show that fans will be familiar but it’s handled in a presentable way for new fans to understand what’s going on without more explanations. After the first story wraps up, the comic goes into the backup story, this time with Green Arrow at the forefront. Like the previous backup story, this one delves into Perdita’s history with the Arrows (my nickname for the heroes associated with Green Arrow) but unlike the first issue, this one is set up with more parts to come instead of being a self-contained story.

The backup has straightforward setup with Green Arrow on his way to somewhere before he gets an alert about trouble. From there, things proceed like a classic episode from the Young Justice show with setup, tension, and suspense when the action starts. What helps is that the backup story like before is largely supplementary to the main story, so it doesn’t feel entirely necessary to read and is only focused on expanding a key aspect of the story.

Final Thoughts:

Young Justice: Targets #2 continues the adventure but this time with Geo-Force and the Infinitors. The Infinitors get to have their time in the spotlight as a superhuman team, and thanks to the art and writing you can tell who’s who and see their powers in action with no confusion. Like before, the story feels like just one part of an entire episode from Young Justice, so you’re still left wanting more by the end.


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