X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation #1 Review

Writer: Si Spurrier

Art: Bob Quinn, Java Tartaglia, VC’s Clayton Cowles, Marte Garcia, and Giuseppe Camuncoli 

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: September 22nd, 2021

Onslaught has found his way back and only Legion and Nightcrawler can stop him. However, if everyone’s favorite furry blue devil doesn’t step into action soon, Onslaught is going to cause a mass murder larger than anyone has ever seen in human history. Lucky for Krakoa, Nightcrawler has found a way to bring his people together like never before which very well could stop Onslaught in the process. Let’s dive into X-MEN: THE ONSLAUGHT REVELATION #1 by Si Spurrier and find out what exactly Legion and Nightcrawler have up their sleeves.

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To say this issue isn’t confusing, would be a reach. Spurrier does manage to restore some balance to the story and ultimately finds a path back to some logical conclusion. However, this reviewer struggles to digest what the $&@$ was going on throughout multiple occasions in the story. Now, after about three rereads, I feel I was able to reasonably grasp what was going on, who was kind of behind the entire ONSLAUGHT REVELATION, and frankly even where the narrative was taking place. Sadly, I would hastily warn any X-MEN fan from leaping headfirst into this issue without any backstory from the WAY OF X series by Spurrier. Yet even with the foreknowledge of that series, I still found X-MEN: THE ONSLAUGHT REVELATION rather hard to understand.

Nonetheless, even with the difficult time comprehending many facets of the narrative initially, the most frustrating aspect of X-MEN: THE ONSLAUGHT REVELATION #1 was that it seemed to be a mere setup for a brand new series and team. Sure, a new team of X-MEN, especially the ones advertised, would be amazing. However, the WAY OF X. built up to something huge with Onslaught which ultimately amounted to a fight that was about three pages long. And readers, this is just an aspect of comic writing that drives me bonkers. The climax of a series shouldn’t hit with 5 pages left in the series and a wrap that opens the door to a new book. When a story does this, it makes a majority of the prior issues and page count come across as mere surface level, air thin content solely to fluff up the narrative. It makes the reader’s commitment feel wasted.

Ultimately, X-MEN: THE ONSLAUGHT REVELATION #1 was supposed to be the culmination of the WAY OF X. And realistically, it is. Yet, I found myself struggling to hold on to any substance before the issue/ series concluded. Nevertheless, Spurrier’s emotion and tone did manage to leave a mark. Surrounded by the cryptic narrative settings and almost poetic dialogue was a sincerely touching element involved with Lost and Fabian Cortez. Additionally, the premise of “The Spark” has potential, however, it needs to be ironed out a bit more before I find myself comparing it to the Journey of Imagination ride at EPCOT Center in Walt Disney World.


I’m sure it’s not the answer anyone is looking for, however, I leave X-MEN: THE ONSLAUGHT REVELATION #1, as well as the WAY OF X series with mixed emotions. What began with promise and direction pointed towards discovery, creation of a mutant religion, philosophical inner workings of resurrection, life after death, and morality. However, that all washed away quickly and turned into a 3-page showdown with Onslaught as well as the prequel to a new mutant team. The philosophical/ religious journey that I thought Spurrier was taking us on just abruptly repented (to use Biblical terminology) and changed its premise. Ultimately, I leave disappointed that all that remains is the vagueness of “The Spark”. Now, if you’ve been following the WAY OF X, you might as well see this through to the end. However, this isn’t a number one worth sinking your teeth into without the proper background nor will it be the easiest thing to explain. So, unless you’re a WAY OF X fan, I’d stay clear, especially since I don’t feel like it will ever really be referenced throughout the other X-titles nor has it been yet. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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