X-men – Marvels Snapshots #1 Review

Writer: Jay Edidin

Art: Tom Reilly and Alex Ross

Price: $4.99

Release Date: September 16th, 2020

Cyclops could possibly be the most well known of all the X-Men. Not necessarily the most popular, but most widely known. That’s to be expected as Scott is one of the original 5 X-Men. Cyclops is also happens to be writer Jay Edidin’s favorite X-Men. Most people I know either love or hate Cyclops. No grey area. Let’s see if Jay can change my mind as I’d put myself somewhat in that latter category.

This Marvels Snapshots issue serves as a retelling of Scott’s origin of sorts. While not as widely known as Superman, Batman, or Spider-man’s origin I’ll go out on a limb and say that most X-fans are familiar with it. From there we get to see the manifestation of Scott’s mutant powers and most importantly, how the emergence of superheroes lead Scott down the path to becoming a great leader. This in essence is exactly what I was hoping for in this issue. I personally have no affinity for Scott at all. None. Zilch. After abandoning his wife and child the minute he found out Jean Grey was alive again way back in 1986, I find it or found it to be unforgivable action. So, this issue serves as the starting point of how a mutant child becomes a great leader, all while also making some absolutely terrible choices in his personal life.

We open the issue after the accident that claimed Scott’s parent’s lives and separated him from his brother Alex (Havok). Scott is living at an orphanage in Nebraska and is having nightmares about the accident and has been experiencing massive headaches…

We then get some expected bullying and basically kids being jerks to Scott. Once superheroes burst on the scene in America, it causes Scott to become a super fanboy of the Fantastic Four, and more specifically Reed Richards.

It also gets his creative juices flowing and sparks a passion for reading. And learning. As much as he can. Admittedly obsessive reading and learning.

By the end of the issue, we get a first-hand look at Scott at his best. Doing what he does. I was also genuinely hoping the issue wouldn’t end. I really, really enjoyed it. Maybe it was because it was a one-shot. One-shots force a whole story. Or at least they do in theory. We do get a full story, and it’s a really well-told one. This will no doubt appease long time fans but is also extremely reader-friendly.

To this reviewer, the art kind takes a back seat to the story. Not that it’s bad at all, the colors are somewhat muted and drab. It’s a very distinctive look. However, when we first see a distinctive orangish/red color blasting through the sky it makes a huge impact, and is a big contrast to the muted colors! We also get a fabulous cover by the instantly distinctive Alex Ross.

And if readers don’t know, Jay is a cohost of the widely popular podcast “Jay and Miles X-plain the X-men”. It’s a must listen to podcast for X-men fans. Check it out!

Final Thoughts:

This issue was like a breath of fresh air to me. A top-notch story that by the end of the issue had me changing my opinion in a big way about Cyclops. Another rarity is an oversized issue that in this reviewer’s opinion is well worth the extra dollar! Jay Edidin deserves a shot on a Cyclops ongoing for sure! Come on Marvel, you know you’ve got more X books in the pipeline!!


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