X-Men Legends #2 Review

X-Men Legends #2 Synopsis: It’s the SUMMERS BROTHERS and STARJAMMERS vs. ERIK THE RED and the SHI’AR with the fate of the galaxy at stake, as the full truth behind ADAM-X’s lineage is revealed in a story nearly 30 years in the making!

Rated T+

Writer: Fabian Nicieza

Art: Brett Booth

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: March 31st, 2021


After all this time can Fabian Nicieza live up to the hype that comes with a story that has layed dormant for 30 years? Will it live up to the hype of what “could be” with an additional Summers brother, or will it fall flat and be a letdown? Let’s travel back to the Marvel 616 circa 1991 and find out!

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One thing right away that had me smiling was an editor’s note right on the roster page. Nothing like giving the people that bought your book some reference material if they are so inclined to dig deeper into the story.

We’re immediately thrown right back into our story, that be with Adam being shot in the head. That wouldn’t be much of an issue would it, with the main character dying on page two? Of course not, so we dive right into the complex history of the Summers family and how Adam is in fact a Summers.

It’s a somewhat complicated explanation, but not overly so. Throw in some alien species, the Starjammers, along with some humans/mutants and it’s bound to get a bit confusing right?! Add Alex’s extreme power set into the mix that makes him both equally feared and sought after and it’s just the icing on the so-called cake! Reactions vary greatly to the news of Scott and Alex having a half-brother. To me, Alex’s reaction is a bit forced and awkward, but perhaps Nicieza wrote it that way to convey a bit of nervousness on his part. What once could have been is finally a reality, but will it last? Read on the “spoiler section” to find out.


The art by Brett Booth fits the issue wonderfully. It’s full-on 90’s art and all the long flowing hair and everything that goes with it. There’s a two-page spread in particular when Alex describes what he “could” do with his powers that had me lingering on the page way longer than I normally do just “marveling” at the art!


The ending of the book hit me like a ton of bricks. Having memories wiped at first felt like a cop-out to me. Then I had a feeling of sadness that after all this time we finally get a family reunion of sorts, only to have it ripped away. I quickly changed to a feeling of shock and awe though when we find out that Mr. Sinister was behind it all and has been the puppet master the whole time!!


X-Men Legends #2 is a fine “final” chapter of a tale decades in the making. The ending shocked me but in a way that left me feeling that while it is an ending to this chapter of the Summers family, it’s an ending that shows they were all just pawns in a game, and were manipulated the entire time. A sad ending, but one that showed just what a bad dude Sinister really is. And while I’m sad this story is ending I am looking forward to the next installment of X-Men Legends and a new story!


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