X-Men Annual #1 Review

Writer: Steve Foxe

Art: Andrea Di Vito, Sebastian Cheng, VC’s Clayton Cowles, Tom Muller, Jay Bowen, Federico Blee, and Stefano Caselli

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: December 21st, 2022

Throughout her life, Firestar has protected innocents whether that be on the Avengers or the X-Men. At times, Firestar embraced her mutant heritage; at other times, she embraced her superhero identity. As a hero caught between two worlds, Firestar was selected to serve a unifying purpose. But Firestar’s absence from Krakoa has been noted by herself and her people. Will the mutants of Krakoa accept a champion they view as an outsider? Let’s dive into X-Men Annual #1 2022 by Steve Foxe and find out!

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Sly Bi-Beast jokes that just aren’t funny mixed with a Firestar-centric issue provide the backdrop for most of this week’s X-Men Annual #1 2022. To anyone interested in a summary of events that made Firestar and her heroic career, this is the issue for you. Additionally, Foxe sprinkles in cameos like Miles Morales, Brainchild, Whirlwind, and a bunch of others to spice up the issue. However, was it enough to make X-Men Annual #1 2022 interesting and worth the buy?

Essentially, it’s just not required reading. So, if times are tough, it’s an easy issue to cut. And as I already stated, it’s almost all centered around Firestar. The shenanigans from the rest of the team jumping from place to place and putting out fires across the globe (and Mojoverse) just wasn’t enough to push the lever on X-Men Annual #1 2022. Nevertheless, what would you expect from an annual? They’re never meant to be essential reading and oftentimes provide a break for the main writer, which happens this week. Additionally, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with the comic.


Andrea Di Vito and Sebastian Cheng certainly provide a different look this week than X-Men fans may be used to. It’s not necessarily a bad look, however, it’s definitely more cartoonish with similar facial designs that make the female characters look very similar. Additionally, I found that the scenes with massive energy blasts and brighter colors saturated many of the pages and drowned out the characters involved almost making them nonexistent or shadows once the shading was introduced. What I actually found as I read this issue through with more detail was that Di Vito and Cheng shine more with faceless characters like Miles Morales or overly cartoonish and grotesque characters like Mojo. That seems to be more their cup of tea.


It’s an entertaining enough, stand-alone story that anyone could pick up and read on the spot without much background information. Ultimately, X-Men Annual #1 2022 serves its purpose, however, nothing is dazzling that would drive anyone to pick this up other than being a hardcore Firestar fan. It certainly had its moments where you could sense more emotion and character development. However, Foxe had to move quickly to cram it all into one issue and wrap up its story. Overall, X-Men Annual #1 2022 wasn’t too bad but it’s just not essential X-Men reading this week. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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