X-Men #6 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Art: Pepe Larraz, VC’s Clayton Cowles, Marte Garcia, and Tom Muller 

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: January 5th, 2022

The X-MEN proceed to have their hands full as this recently elected team continues to get pulled in multiple directions. Alien Invasions, the High Evolutionary, and Anti-Mutant groups to simply name a few continue to hound this team and make it feel almost as if they can’t gel well together. However, as large as these threats might be, sometimes it’s the smallest little secret that could bring down the entire house of cards. And to those that forgot, reporter Ben Urich has discovered the secret of mutant resurrection and is so close to divulging it to the world. Let’s dive into X-MEN #6 by Gerry Duggan to see if Ben Urich finally shares his findings with the world and what new/ old threat is creeping on the horizon.

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With this week bringing forth the concluding issue of INFERNO, one would probably choose to be more excited about that issue than X-MEN #6. Truthfully, I would agree with most people in my excitement for the concluding issue of the Hickman era. Nevertheless, my curiosity was still piqued as I wondered who this Captain Krakoa was and why he was suddenly thrust into the series.

So, what do we get from this issue? Well, readers discover who Captain Krakoa is and indirectly what his purpose is for the X-MEN. Yet as clever as the Captain Krakoa angle was, it was the B-Plot that stirred this reviewer’s pot the most. The B-Plot involved Kelvin Heng, otherwise known as Feilong, and his obsession to take down the mutants in an attempt to lay a human foundation on Mars. Since his initiation into the Marvel Comic Universe back in X-MEN #1 by Gerry Duggan, this character has simply fascinated me. Heck, just wait until you see what he can do in this issue of X-MEN. Yet, that’s not all X-fans. The cliffhanger will also cause some mild confusion to the A-Plot that will definitely stimulate some speculation and reasoning.

However, as intriguing as this issue of X-MEN was, I still couldn’t help but wonder when and how this team will come together. Duggan can write a mean story. Nevertheless, the X-MEN book is meant to be a team book and it hasn’t felt like that since Duggan has taken over. Look no further than this issue to see the focus on mostly two characters and very little to do with the team. It’s almost as if the main X-MEN title concentrates on one or two characters each month solely distancing itself more and more from a team book and becoming more of a “character of the month” emphasis piece.


It’s Pepe Larraz and Marte Garcia that trap readers deep inside this week’s X-MEN tale. Garcia’s intense colors saturate the page with his choice of purples, blues, and magentas. It’s these hues that give the scenery an otherworldly feel. Moreover, it’s the size and stature of Vornak that make the action sequences involving this character so menacing and striking. Truly, the shock comes from the way Vornak takes over a page. And, that’s probably why the fight scenes alone came across as so dominant once readers see the outcome.


Overall, X-MEN #6 is a quick, yet entertainingly fun read. I genuinely feel like this issue will simply suffer solely due to the timing of its release alongside INFERNO. If X-MEN #6 came out any other week, I think people would see it truly for what it’s worth. It has creative new characters with unique abilities that are pushing the space race angle in a unique direction. Duggan’s providing fans with a clever story that seems like it has the potential to build into something more. Furthermore, I love the dueling plot threads which sprinkle in just enough for readers looking for the more small-scale elements involving the team as well as the universe-shaping events that could affect Marvel as a whole. Readers, as INFERNO shuts down one chapter, there is a good bit to chew on to keep you energized for what’s to come in the future. Nevertheless, I hope we get to see the team start to gel as Duggan’s X-MEN takes shape. Let me know what you think, have a great week and God Bless!


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