X-Men #4 Review

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Art: Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan, Sunny Gho, VC’s Clayton Cowles, and Tom Muller

Price: $3.99

Release Date: January 1st, 2020

The Krakoan leaders attend an economic forum in this week’s all-new X-MEN #4 by Jonathan Hickman with hopes to show some of the human leaders their true and peaceful intentions. However, how peaceful of a mission will this economic forum be? Is there an underlining agenda for the forum? And, does Charles also have a hidden agenda for humanity? Let’s jump into this week’s X-MEN #4 and find out!

Jonathan Hickman kicks off this next chapter of the Dawn if X with a lesson in human history. What appears to open as a clever and unique open for a knockdown, drag-out fight ultimately develops into a discussion and look at how our current society happens to be enslaving humanity through economics. It’s a tremendously meta take on the world today that’s very informative and pushes through societal red tape for an otherwise deep concept that Hickman is invoking.

Hickman basically lays out the mutants plan to take over the world and it seems direct and straightforward. Fans will leave this issue with a pretty good summary of the mutants’ plan that seems docile and kind of pliant considering the years of death and war between humans and mutants. Additionally, this reviewer loved Magneto confessing about his personal evolution of world domination while also hinting at Apocalypse’s maturation within his tactics for control and power. However, the issue was actually rather boring, tiresome, and dull overall.

Fans will leave this issue with very little action, heavy dialogue filled in throughout many nine-panel grids, and a majority of the focus was spent with Magneto talking with the other economists. Again, the conference was intriguing however this critic feels like the overall book has been treading water since it’s conception. We are four issues into the main book for Dawn of X and what do we know?

Well, we received a layout of where everyone lives on Krakoa (issue one). Then, readers watch islands basically have sex and join together while realizing Apocalypse may be up to something shady (issue two). Following those two issues, readers watch the botanical Golden Girls take out Emma, Sebastian, and Scott. And now, we get the economic play-by-play for world domination. So, what action and suspense have actually transpired? What fast-paced thrills or big reveals have come from this series so far? Readers, this fan drastically WANTS to love this series. Heck, it’s the main flagship book written by one of my favorite writers in Hickman. However, what have we really received since HOXPOX?

Furthermore, Leinil Francis Yu’s art is normally on point. However, the art seems a bit blurry in the background with the emphasis on too many faces in the nine-panel grid. It seemed like it was trying to be too inventive by focusing in on the dinner, the food, and different facial expressions. Don’t get me wrong, Yu’s art on the character’s faces was magnificent, especially his take on Apocalypse. However, this reviewer didn’t sign up to look at a comic centered around our main characters chewing a shredded kale medley with watermelon gazpacho, even though the menu was a nice and unique touch at the beginning of the issue. For those comic fans that also read DC Comics, this reminded me of Bruce Wayne eating with the Riddler and Joker in the WAR OF JOKES AND RIDDLES. This comic-centered meal where you break bread with the enemy has been done many times before and seems to always end up being a wasted issue.

The mutant’s mission for peace with humanity has evolved and it has come with a price… literally. Hickman uses his canvas this week to explain the overarching ideals of society since the Dark Ages and ultimately creates a stale and stuffy meal with minor action happening mostly off-panel creating a rather uneventful tale. Fans, Xavier and Magneto made it sound like war would not happen. However, after the events that transpired this issue, all signs point to that development happening in the near future. But, how near? Hopefully next issue!!!


Being four issues into the main book, nothing eventful or even mind-blowing has happened. It appears that Hickman continues to use this series has a set up leaving the other X-writers to dive deeper into the overall story… and that’s not what this Hickman fan was looking forward too, especially after how fantastic HOXPOX was. Ultimately, this reviewer left the issue tired, bored and expecting something more. My hope is that issue five leads to more excitement, energy, action, and some gravitas. But, we will have to wait too see.





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