X-Men #10 Review

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Art: Leinil Francis Yu, Sunny Gho, VC’s Clayton Cowles, and Tom Muller

Price: $3.99

Release Date: July 29th, 2020

The Summers family has grown their own Krakoan home on the moon. However, it appears as though someone else has moved in too. With the events of EMPYRE unfolding with a vicious space battle, fleets of ships, and the Avengers/ Fantastic Four battling Kree, Skrulls, AND plant beings, how could the X-Men simply sit this one out? It’s practically happening on their doorsteps! Plus, how will these plant creatures/ aliens intertwine with Krakoa? Will this war somehow affect Krakoa forever? Well, let’s dive into the Empyre Tie-in of X-MEN #10 by Jonathan Hickman to see how this universal event affects everyone’s favorite mutants and the island vital to their survival.

Let me start with a disclaimer: this story is a heavy Vulcan-related issue. So, for those fans who love the third Summers brother, this installment is for you. Vulcan takes center stage and rightful so. For anyone that is reasonably astute in Vulcan lore, this literally is the perfect issue to reintroduce the character into the X-Men landscape. Sure, I know he’s already been introduced but other than a few cameos, he’s done nothing to further the Comic terrain. Additionally, this use of Vulcan demonstrates how steeped Jonathan Hickman is within X-Men literature. He’s certainly done is homework.

Vulcan and Krakoa go way back. Plus, the relationship between Krakoa, the Cotati, and plant creatures/ beings in general just makes sense. So, the idea of Hickman being involved in the EMPYRE event clearly makes sense. However, this issue really isn’t new user friendly. To anyone who knows very little about Vulcan, the glimpses readers get aren’t enough to explain past relationships, history, or even character abilities. Even the average Vulcan knowledge-base, like myself, left confused as to many aspects of the issue and how all the pieces connected.

Furthermore, the overarching dangling plot hole is merely skimmed over and never touched on. How do the Cotati and the Summers family never intersect each other on the moon? I know time doesn’t seem like a big deal to many but considering there is a war happening around the moon related to plant beings, how could another plant-based environment created by Krakoa know nothing about what’s happening a couple of miles down the road? My point is the story is just lacking the connective tissue to hold it together within the confines of both EMPYRE and the DAWN OF X storylines. Dare I say that this issue felt like the “we hate to interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this news update” type of narrative. It just doesn’t gel well with either storyline in my opinion and felt like Hickman didn’t ”really” want to be involved or take time out of his story. That said, I can’t blame him.


For a long time X-fan finally wanting some Vulcan in their diet, you’ll definitely get just that. However, it may come at the cost of a thoroughly explained story for Vulcan, the X-Men book, and Empyre. I left wanting to know more about Vulcan and less about the Empyre event that may need some pruning around the edges. Nevertheless, there were some interesting elements that Hickman slyly introduces that seem to relate Vulcan much more to the Cotati than we may expect. Give this reader more information, more explanation, and more background on Vulcan and the Cotati and maybe THEN this creative team will be on to something! If you’re uninterested in EMPYRE, this issue really isn’t for you. However, we shall see if more comes from this installment. And if so, you could easily be caught up lickety-split anytime with a quick recap page and not miss a beat. As much as I’m really loving Hickman’s X-MEN right now, I may say pass on the tie-in unless more is revealed towards Hickman’s story in the future.


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