X-Force #7 Review

Writer: Ben Percy

Art: Oscar Bazaldua, Guru-eFX, VC’s Joe Caramagna, Tom Muller, Dustin Weaver, and Edgar Delgado

Price: $3.99

Release Date: February 12th, 2020

Ever since Domino was literally scalped at that revolting flesh factory the humans took her too, her luck has been practically nonexistent. And after having Sage run a diagnostic search for any “otherworldly” or insanely lucky hits or assassination attempts, Domino feels that her mojo may have been stolen. Let’s dive into Ben Percy’s latest issue of X-FORCE #7 and see if luck truly can be a lady tonight!

Well X-fans, it seems there are some things you just can’t shake. There are some demons that are hard to overcome. And in this issue, Ben Percy takes the time to point out those demons that Colossus and Domino are still dealing with. Now, what I thoroughly enjoyed about this issue was the angle that Percy took that may have been overlooked by readers. What I’m referencing is the resurrection protocols and it’s effect on the mutants mentally. Sure, Domino wasn’t resurrected but the mental trauma that is associated with dying, being tortured, or in Domino’s case skinned alive, doesn’t really leave you. Colossus is still struggling with his demons from Russia and so is each mutant every time they die. The mind is a powerful thing and Percy uses this issue to hit on the idea that even with all there powers and abilities, they still fear even in a haven designed specifically for their kind.

Additionally, Percy uses this issue to unveil future ingenious ideas between Beast and Forge, a possible romantic relationship on the horizon (I think at least), and a cliffhanger that quite possibly gives the humans more access to mutants than ever before. While Jonathan Hickman appears to be focusing more on the Sentinels and the future, Percy is focusing more on the immediate human threats from a non-Sentinel approach, the island itself, and the anti-mutant militia angle. Truthfully, it’s commendable that each book is handling different aspects that could be affecting the mutants, Krakoa, and the future of their civilization. However, I wonder if too many cooks in the kitchen might spread out mutants a bit too thin. So far, I’m thoroughly enjoying X-FORCE. But, I wonder if these multiple threats will wear on the other titles a bit too much as the Dawn of X continues.

As for this issue specifically, it just wasn’t as exciting or action-packed as the prior installments have been. There were fewer explosions, less fighting, and more sentiment than any of the other issues in this series to date, which came as a bit of a shock. It’s not that I didn’t like the issue it’s just not entirely what I expected from X-FORCE. The “force” just wasn’t there this week. That said, Percy uses this narrative to set up the next couple of issues moving forward. For example, Beast’s idea with Forge is very intriguing and the cliffhanger has tons of promise that I’m excited about what’s to come. However, grading this issue itself, it was a bit more wordy than normal, slow-moving at times, and a bit lackluster, which was again uncharacteristic of what readers have gotten to this point.

The Smiths said in their song ASLEEP, “there is another world, there is a better world, there must be.” Ultimately, this is all the mutants want; a better world that accepts them for who they are. There must be. However, Percy continues to use X-FORCE as this secret organization used to handle threats against mutants and Krakoa, like a mutant CIA. Presently, this X-Force may be protecting their nation they built for themselves but is it really helping them to become accepted? Can permanent change really happen with force? I’m certain Beast’s plan with Forge will not help mutants be accepted. Xavier’s plan in this week’s X-MEN #6 certainly doesn’t help with their acceptance either. Sure, everyone should protect themselves BUT this X-Force seems more hell-bent on stomping out humans than cohabitating with them. Is that Xavier’s true vision? Is that the angle Percy is trying to portray? We will have to see as the series continues to unfold.


Overall, this week’s installment of X-FORCE simply wasn’t as flashy, tumultuous, or loud as it has been. I found myself interested but not on the edge of my seat like in the past. Percy ultimately uses this issue to set up what’s to come, which every writer must do at times. However, is it possible to set up what’s to come while also unveiling some killer commotion and high octane excitement? I think it can be done. That said, this week’s tale still laid out some interesting plot threads that definitely left this reviewer intrigued for what’s to come. I’m still all in on X-FORCE by Ben Percy and I hope more people add this series to their pull list. It’s still in the top two of X-books on the market today. Grab this issue and let me know what you think.






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  1. I can’t explain why but the chemistry between Piotr and Neena works much better than the one he had with Kitty… And please, enough trauma for Colossus I can’t remeber a happy period of time for him since X-men Gold time, back in the 90s (except most part of Whedon’s run), compared to Colossus’ one even Wolverine’s life seems a walk in the park!!!

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