X-Force #4 Review

Writer: Ben Percy

Art: Joshua Cassara, Dean White, Guru-eFX, VC’s Joe Caramagna, Tom Muller, Dustin Weaver, and Edgar Delgado

Price: $3.99

Release Date: December 18th, 2019

Domino is back and Charles is alive in this week’s all-new X-FORCE #4 by Ben Percy. But can Xavier’s new X-Force stop this new human force bent on mutant destruction? Will humanity ever leave mutantkind alone? And, can Krakoa finally stop letting people on the island already? Black Tom needs to work on the security protocols… am I right? Let’s dive in and see Charles’ X-Force finally at work!

Well faithful X-Men fans, this is the book for you. If you want action, suspense, and fast-paced engulfing stories that leave you with a shocking cliffhanger, X-FORCE is your jam. To a degree, this series seems even more important than X-MEN. There is always something happening in this series, which Percy beautifully meshes together with pertinent plot points from every X-Book.

Percy lays out another gripping tale while filling in even more motive for the humans bent on destroying Charles Xavier, as well as all of mutantkind. Plus, Percy takes a different angle and approaches the story from a more financial perspective and STILL makes the story incredibly engaging and so easy to read. There is zero confusion in this week’s tale and readers will leave knowing exactly what is happening every step of the way.

Now, one of my favorite aspects of the issue was the way Ben Percy compares what the mutants are doing to that of Hercules, his struggles, and even his timid nature just beginning as a young Demi-God in the world. The metaphor fits so smoothly with the overall narrative in every Dawn of X book as well as HOXPOX. It’s a perfect comparison that

showcases the entire exploration of mutantkind and societies backlash against what they don’t understand. Readers can certainly tell that Percy did his homework and that’s more than half the reason why this series very well may be the best X-Book on the market right now.

Not only does Percy throw high octane action at readers BUT he gives fans both sides of a team that blends beautifully together with action and intrigue. X-Force is made up of a covert operations squad consisting of Kid Omega, Wolverine, and Domino with Forge supplying the team with some crazy Krakoan tech. Meanwhile, the secret intelligence task force (the other side of the coin) consists of Jean Grey, Beast, and Sage who use strategy, intellect, and resourcefulness to keep the team levelheaded and focused. Together, Percy creates a version of the X-Force that’s incredibly balanced and gives readers the suspense and thrills they desire from a superhero comic with the opportunity for clever and intriguing storylines that have opened the door for amazing stories to come.


X-FORCE #4 is a well written, entertainingly action-packed thrill ride that elevates Ben Percy to new heights. Percy finds imaginative ways to get so many characters involved while telling a remarkable story that’s original and hard to forget. Fans, this is the X-story you need to read. This is the X-Book that’s a must for any pull list and with the cliffhangers Percy throws out at readers each issue, he leaves fans with something to talk about from one week to the next. Readers, go get X-FORCE #4 and add this to your pull list. You can thank me later.





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