X-Force #37 Review

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Art: Chris Allen, GURU- eFX, VC’s Joe Carmagna, Tom Muller, Jay Bowen, Dean White, and Joshua Cassara

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $4.99

Release Date: February 1st, 2023

Who is the Man with the Peacock Tattoo? At last – learn the truth about the man behind the mask who’s been plaguing X-Force since 2019’s issue #1!  X-fans new and old will reel from this startling revelation as X-Force #37 by Ben Percy wraps. Collectors and readers alike – don’t miss this key issue!

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I’m sorry but Percy’s Deadpool is not funny and is more annoying than anything else. As someone wildly intrigued to find out who the Peacock Man is, it was a sensational letdown to see X-Force #37 begin with a silly Deadpool display on the first 3 pages. Nevertheless, the issue picks up quickly as we discover a somewhat computer hack technic that may work on the resurrection process that this reviewer has questioned would happen with Domino for quite some time now.

Additionally, readers get some insight into what Xeno has been cultivating since the HOXPOX era began. Genetic replication, gene therapy, and dozens of other mutated experiences leap across the page showcasing just how sinister this Peacock Man happens to be. Needless to say, after the Dr. Stasis reveal, one’s mind instantly goes to the Peacock Man being a Sinister clone himself. However, is that the reveal we received at the close of X-Force #37? You’ll have to read it to find out.

Nevertheless, we get a nice narrated backstory of the Peacock Man that provides fans with an origin story very similar to what he’s concocted with Xeno and the mutants. Moreover, we get a throwback to the Peacock Man, and truthfully… it’s an in-depth dig for any new X-Men fan. Percy reaches really deep in his bag of tricks here to pull off a stunning reveal that will be a critical reveal to the hardcore X-Men fan and a somewhat dud to the average fan. However, who’s Percy really writing for anyway? Ideally, both the long-time fan and the newbie. Nevertheless, if I had to choose, I’d pick the long time fan too which is what makes this reveal awesome to this reviewer.

Now, on a side note, I understand that the focus is on the Peacock Man but I still can’t get over X-Force truckin’ along with Beast still involved AND no one asking about Wolverine. It’s just simply a plot angle that keeps pulling me out of the story and makes very little sense in context. I sincerely hope we get answers to that angle soon.


Small panels and even smaller figure designs made X-Force #37 lack detail. Combine the panel layouts with color choices that made the linework blurry and readers get a comic that’s struggling to find its place. When given the proper space, Gill can certainly provide the detail. The reveal of the Peacock Man as well as some of the more grotesque scenes and mutated beings showcases what he’s capable of. However, it’s almost as if the design and wordy nature of this issue handcuffed what Gill is capable of.


X-Force #37 finally reveals who the Peacock Man is and sorry to say, many fans will have no idea who this person is. Couple that with the forced Deadpool silliness and the lack of clarity involving the Beast fallout and Wolverine, I’d have to say the average X-fan may be hopping off this book soon. Nevertheless, I personally enjoyed the reveal and think it’s a creative deep dive into some X-Men lore that’s certainly quite interesting.

That said, I’m still struggling to navigate the art and plot threads that haven’t been ironed out in which are exposing X-Force #37 making it difficult to believe at times. Sure, I’m happy we get the reveal but Marvel packaged this as a HUGE must-buy issue that would be forever locked into X-Men history. And it’s pretty cool for the hardcore fan but most people aren’t going to see this reveal that way. And we sidestep other main plot threads that are left open to quickly get to this reveal while endangering the ongoing series in the process. Ultimately, I’m ok with the reveal BUT I think it was poorly timed and mixed with a book that’s been struggling to find its footing as of late. If you have any questions on the review or are ever interested in tackling a comic review of your own, feel free to email me directly at dispatchdcu@gmail.com. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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