X-Force #26 Review

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Art: Robert Gill, Guru-eFX, VC’s Joe Caramagna, Tom Muller, Joshua Cassara, and Dean White

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: December 15th, 2021

When the last issue of X-FORCE began this new arc, fans witnessed WOLVERINE bask in the sun and surf alongside his Adamantium surfboard. Nevertheless, while relaxing in the waves, Logan came across a fellow Krakoan surfer named Pike (or so he thought). After sharing what seemed like a romantic moment, WOLVERINE later discovered that Pike was the leader of a secret organization sent to capture Krakoan children (which she did well successfully mind you.). Moreover, Pike managed to Rumpelstilskin an extremely dangerous and powerful mutant baby named Maximilian. Let’s dive into X-FORCE #26 by Benjamin Percy and Robert Gill to see if we can figure out who Pike is working for and why they need these mutant babies.

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In this week’s X-FORCE #26, Percy leans heavily on the crippling feeling of broken relationships, especially in the heart of one Kid Omega. Nevertheless, we explore a new possible love interest for WOLVERINE as well and see a deeper bond between Logan and this new character named Pike. However, this romantic exploration happens to encompass a bit too much of X-FORCE this week and actually becomes a bit too irritating.

Ultimately, X-FORCE has recently turned into a Kid Omega book featuring WOLVERINE. And as I stated in my last review, Percy was really picking up steam with the Colossus angle only to push it aside for Kid Omega’s fractured relationship and WOLVERINE’S new surfing fetish. Alas, Percy does give fans more background on Pike and the fallout from Phoebe Cuckoo. However, we left our regularly scheduled program for this story that’s a bit uneventful. I’d be more on board “the wave” if I saw a connection to Colossus as well as what I thought X-FORCE was supposed to be about … which I thought was a type of black-op espionage team. Yet, when we get these side stories, it just doesn’t feel like that anymore.

Sure, getting the babies back should be a task for X-FORCE… I guess. But, I still can’t get over how WOLVERINE let his guard down that easily or how this attraction between him and Pike could have transpired so quickly. Ironically, the weird romantic banter even takes a toll on Domino within these very pages of X-FORCE. Hopefully, we can move past this romantic fallout, squelch Kid Omega as a lead, and finally find out answers about Xeno, Colossus’ development, and put X-FORCE back on the covert missions they were intended.


A huge pet peeve of mine is false or misleading covers. It really bothers me to see items or ideas that aren’t even close to the story nor within the pages of the comic, whether it’s the variant cover or not. Well, Joshua Cassara and Dean White’s cover is extremely misleading so pay no attention to that whatsoever. As for the actual pages within X-FORCE, Robert Gill does a fine job with panel placement and story progression. He makes the narrative easy to follow and flow extremely well. However, some of the character’s faces seem a bit off. His Jean Grey’s face just doesn’t look like her nor does WOLVERINE with his mask off. Nevertheless, Kid Omega is drawn well and so is this incredibly epic shark attack scene where it’s leaping out of the water. Overall, Gill does a very respectable job.


X-FORCE #26 continues to focus on WOLVERINE’S smitten behavior as well as Kid Omega’s emotional rollercoaster after his breakup with Phoebe Cuckoo. And sure, X-FORCE is searching for the missing babies. But what were they taken for? How did WOLVERINE let this new character pull the wool over his eyes so easily? And ultimately, what’s the purpose of this story arc? For that matter, will we ever learn anything more about Xeno? It just feels like we have more unanswered questions with a switch in focus on an aspect of the story that doesn’t appear to add much value… or at least not yet. Could it be in the future? Maybe. But then we need a better setup, better execution, and more material to give this story significance.

Again, I thought Percy was building to something with the Colossus angle. However, it feels almost forgotten and months ago at this point. Overall, this is a serviceable issue with a heavy dose of Kid Omega if that happens to be your thing. Otherwise, you may want to pick up X-FORCE after this arc. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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