X-Force #21 Review

Writer: Ben Percy

Art: Joshua Cassara, Robert Gill, Guru-eFX, VC’s Joe Caramagna, Tom Muller, and Dean White

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: July 7th, 2021

During the HELLFIRE GALA, Beast’s classified telefloronic settlement of Terra Verde was unearthed by the entire X-FORCE team as well as Krakoa at large. Now, since the big reveal, Sage has been able to disconnect Terra Verde from Beast’s secret bio-technical subjection. That said, this biotech is still out there and the world is more aware than ever before. However, as the race to conquer the bio-technical market explodes on the scene, catastrophic pollution and devastation begin to run rampant across the world. And we all know who gets involved when that happens. Let’s dive into X-FORCE #21 by Benjamin Percy as the team attempts to stop this worldwide disaster before it’s too late.

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As Percy opens the perspective of biotechnology, Marvel fans should know exactly who should get involved: none other than the burning touch of the MAN-THING! Yet, Percy institutes an extremely intriguing aspect in which intertwined the MAN-THING with X-FORCE that’s frankly been on this reviewer’s mind since Terra Verde. The eerie likeness and connection to the MAN-THING have always been right there on the surface. Heck, even the relationship the mutants have with Krakoa has made this reviewer wonder how long it would take for MAN-THING to get involved.

Well, not only is he entangled, but Percy interjects a clever wrinkle into the story that should provide X-FORCE fans with an interesting arc on the horizon. Furthermore, Percy uses the biotech perspective as a fascinating means for espionage and blackmail that show the human world doing exactly what we do when we’re scared and powerful. Money rules everything. And, the highest bidder controls the market. Since Krakoa took shape, whether it be the Golden Girls of botany, the Cotati, or even Xeno, humanity has been attempting to harness their own biotech… and it’s finally starting to work.

That said, even though the mutants have been using it for good, humanity is still scared of what they don’t understand. And thus, that fear of losing control has pushed groups like Xeno to regain their hold by any means necessary. Percy uses X-FORCE #21 to explore those means while logically placing together the best “MAN-THING” that connects it all together.


Joshua Cassara and Robert Gill continue to set the tone of the series with its powerful action sequences and dynamic panel progressions. X-FORCE #21 was visual, graphic, and full of movement. Furthermore, the texture and line work added that extra layer of detail that made the comic feel real almost throwing this reviewer deeper into the issue. Guru-eFX’s dark, almost muted color tones provided a more rough and natural look that fits perfectly with the premise of the story this week. Mixed with Percy’s story, this creative team kicks off this stellar storyline in which fans should be thrilled to investigate.


X-FORCE #21 is quick, easy to follow, and progresses logically from under the Krakoan landscape. Percy captures the maniacal human nature perfectly and encapsulates the world at large showcasing how fear can drive humanity to do some extremely awful things. Additionally, the temporary introduction of MAN-THING to the series provides an exquisite pleat that I’m excited to explore. As the HELLFIRE GALA wraps and Percy “regain” control of his book, look for this next arc to take root into the entire X-MEN terrain for months to come. As a great jumping-on point, I highly recommend grabbing X-FORCE this week as the next chapter begins to take shape and blossom. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God bless!


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