X-FORCE #2 Review

Writer: Ben Percy

Art: Joshua Cassara, Dustin Weaver, Dean White, VC’s Joe Caramagna, and Tom Muller

Price: $3.99

Release Date: November 27th, 2019

The island of Krakoa was infiltrated by human terrorists designed specifically for one purpose; to kill the sovereign leader of Krakoa Charles Xavier. Sadly, their mission was a success and the Professor is dead. But, where will Krakoa turn for leadership now? Will someone new take over? Can Charles Xavier be resurrected like the rest of the mutants? And, what happened to Domino? Let’s cut into this week’s all-new X-FORCE #2 by Ben Percy and get some answers!

Ben Percy, along with Joshua Cassara, immediately rip the doors off the issue with their graphic opening of Charles Xavier surrounded by all of the mutants on Krakoa. The emotion felt throughout this week’s issue was elevated immensely and readers can feel the tension from Percy on every page. Sure, as X-fans who have been following along since the Summer, we know that Charles will be back. However, for a death that most fans would agree will not last, the feeling of devastation is still hammered home by Percy extremely well throughout X-FORCE #2.

Tom Muller also contributed well throughout this issue by giving readers some background on how the assassination attempt occurred and by the drastic means in which the Reavers went in order to complete their mission. Percy helps shed even more light on these new Reavers by using a unique team-up of Wolverine and Kid Omega in which this critic quite enjoyed. Percy showcased Wolverine’s love for Charles through his anger and aggression while contrasting that same affection with Kid Omega who seems more arrogant, cocky, and crass. This team-up is actually an incredible relationship that this reviewer hopes will continue to build more throughout the series. To use current terminology for today’s society (yes I know… we live in a society), it’s the embodiment of the Boomer vs Zoomer mantra today!

Additionally, Percy uses this issue to give even more information as to the importance of promptly resurrecting the Professor before word spreads about his death. If word spreads and the human race finds out what Charles is capable of, the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and every other known hero group will ultimately try to take down Krakoa. A war will rage on if humanity finds out about their resurrection capabilities. Therefore, the focus for readers shouldn’t be on “if” Charles will be resurrected but “when”. So, if it takes Beast and Jean too long to make it happen, it may be too late. This is a great angle for Percy to take that this fan loved.

Now, as interesting and action-packed as this issue was, this reviewer wasn’t a huge fan of Cassara’s art. It came across as muddy, rough, and scratchy at times making the visuals less clear. Sure, it gave a more natural flavor to the issue, especially the sections focused on Krakoa. However, this comic fan is more into crispy, clean, bright, and vibrant art. It’s not like Cassara’s art is bad but it’s simply not my style. However, Cassara’s splash pages, especially of Jean Grey towards the end of the issue, look like a beautiful portrait that could be displayed at the MoMA.


If you’re looking for an X-book that’s the most connected to the relaunch, deeply rooted in HOXPOX, and featuring the Dawn of X as the focal point of the narrative, X-FORCE is definitely the book for you. Percy moves the overarching story forward, fills the tale with action, intrigue, and suspense while helping Jonathan Hickman (Head of X) usher in a new foundation for the landscape of mutantkind in the Marvel Universe. Pick this issue up and add this series to your pull list, particularly if you want to stay in the “know” of X-Men comics moving forward.


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