X-Force #12 Review

Writer: Ben Percy

Art: Oscar Bazaldua, GURU-eFX, VC’s Joe Caramagna, Tom Muller, Edgar Delgado, and Dustin Weaver

Price: $3.99

Release Date: September 9th, 2020

It appears as though Russia has aligned itself with Xeno and Beast is worried that some of the Russian mutants may also be secretly onboard with their nation of birth. Let’s dive into X-FORCE #12 by Ben Percy and see if the Krakoan nation is really divided and how large this looming threat from Russia truly is.

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Another week of X-books comes and another issue that just didn’t seem to have the action, intrigue, and suspense that I’ve been craving falls by the wayside. Is it the calm before the storm (or should I say sword)? Maybe it’s a stigma associated around all the X-titles currently? It just seems in recent weeks that the DAWN OF X titles have been a bit quiet, reserve, and lacking with the high paced, up-tempo bombardment of action that’s normally enthralled this reader since HOXPOX ended last year. Well X-FORCE fans, this issue appears to have fallen in line with the other current X-titles from the past couple weeks and my hope is that X OF SWORDS will bring forth a resurgence as September ends.

As for X-FORCE #12, Percy manages to add a villainous allure to Mikhail Rasputin that sent this reviewer down a rabbit hole of inquiry about the villainous tag team partner of Xeno. Furthermore, my interest continues to be piqued with Percy’s choice of characters surrounding the issue. From Kid Omega and Dominos smarmy behaviors to Beast’s uniquely (almost sinister) ways up running X-Force, Percy develops detailed oriented stories that are rather intriguing for the reader… even if the past two issues have been a bit slower. Percy is simply taking his time to mold his story for the future without leaving a ton of cliffhangers and carrots that entice readers for the next issue, which is fine… but a bit standard.

Now, I am a bit confused about the Omega Red and Wolverine angle. I know continuity can be different from book to book. However, both Wolverine and Omega Red are playing such pivotal roles in Percy’s WOLVERINE book right now that the current interaction in X-FORCE #12 just doesn’t seem to jive well within the two narratives. Again, time stamps could very well be different but I only wish editors could clue us in more on where continuity stands throughout these two stories, especially with Percy leading the charge in both. Furthermore, Tom Muller’s inserts this issue were actually very unhelpful and added more confusion, particularly the last one to end the issue. This style of storytelling can be useful and beneficial if done correctly. Plus, we’ve all seen Muller’s antidotes used in a variety of ways that truly amplified the story. That was certainly not the case this issue and took two pages of art away from this creative team in the process.


Readers, I just need more right now. I know X OF SWORDS is on the horizon and that most of the X-titles are setting the stage for this crossover event. However, I feel like there must be a way to still provide readers with the same spice that has made this book a hit for almost a solid year without taking the wind from the sails of the narrative. Percy uses this issue as set up, which is certainly needed at times. However, I’ve seen many writers, including Percy, find a way to juggle action, adventure, suspense, and thrills with set up, information, and crafty cliffhangers keeping readers at the edge of their seats. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited to see where this goes, however, I was expecting a bit more. Keep this series on your pull list but go into X-FORCE #12 anticipating more set up and less action than in the past. There is no doubt that the future definitely looks bright for this series… but this issue simply felt more flat than normal.


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