Wonder Woman #771 Preview


Wonder Woman #771 Synopsis: Wonder Woman’s adventures through the Sphere of the Gods continue as she embarks on a quest with the cunning Ratashok to search for answers. Something is changing the rules of the Norse afterlife, and it’s up to our hero to set things right. Now she must face warriors and beasts of mythic proportions, starting with the Nidhogg! Can our Amazon Princess survive this staggering serpent?

Meanwhile, in a seemingly simpler time in our hero’s life, a younger Diana continues her journey to uncover the secret behind the scriptures that hold the hidden history of Themyscira. Is she ready for the truth? Or will it change her perception of “paradise” forever?


art and cover by TRAVIS MOORE

backup story written by JORDIE BELLAIRE

backup story art by PAULINA GANUCHEAU

card stock variant cover by JOSHUA MIDDLETON

ON SALE 4/13/21

$4.99 US | 40 PAGES | FC | DC


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