Wolverine: Black, White, and Blood #3 Preview

Writer: Donny Cates, Jed MacKay, and John Ridley

Art: Chris Bachalo, Jesus Saiz, and Jorge Fornes


Price: $4.99

Release Date: February 10th, 2021


The groundbreaking series continues! Thrill to the Marvel Comics debut of Oscar winner JOHN RIDLEY 12 Years a Slave, The American Way) as he and JORGE FORNÉS bring LOGAN to Japan, where he will question his honor as he clashes blades with the SILVER SAMURAI! Then, it’s back to his X-FORCE days with JED MacKAY and JES S SAIZ, as WOLVERINE must stop A.I.M.’s plot for the red planet! And, nothing can prepare you for the unstoppable team-up of DONNY CATES and CHRIS BACHALO as Wolverine has a run-in with…COSMIC GHOST RIDER?!

Parental Advisory

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