Wolverine #7 Review

Writer: Benjamin Percy and Gerry Duggan

Art: Joshua Cassara, VC’s Cory Petit, Frank Martin, Tom Muller, and Adam Kubert

Price: $3.99

Release Date: November 11th, 2020


Holy Rusted Metal Batman! This sucker went nuclear real fast! Benjamin Percy and Gerry Duggan continue their partnership this week in WOLVERINE #7 by running this story out fast and loose with everyone’s favorite dwarf at the center of almost every battle. I know what you’re wondering… every battle?!? Was there more than one contest in this issue? You bet! Four battles to be exact. However, I can’t help but wonder why these games have turned into weird contests? That said, I was wondering how the X-MEN would survive against the Arakii by simple means of sword fighting and war with the sheer experience they have over our Krakoan mutants. Currently, things are at least making much more sense… other than Saturnyne’s secret plans.

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Now, to anyone craving more combats and fewer nuptials, Percy and Duggan give fans two pretty intense battles that weaved together wonderfully… so much so that I do think Saturnyne is up to something behind the scenes. Furthermore, Joshua Cassandra brings a unique artistic look at the first fight that was truly out of this world. When allowed to showcase his talents with larger panel displays, Cassandra doesn’t disappoint. However, before the week is done, people will lose their lives and limbs adding some weight to this X OF SWORDS event that’s frankly been missing for a few weeks.

Nevertheless, my biggest concern from the issue was the use of Magik. I was jazzed for more involving everyone’s favorite mutant bad$&$ from Limbo, yet we obtained very little. Plus, the strange kinks in this issue were frankly… a bit silly. In the context of the game, they made very little sense to have Krakoan vs Krakoan and Arakii vs Arakii. At this point, was it merely a plot device to usher Wolverine into another game? Furthermore, the tournament is beginning to turn into mini Mario Party Games. My point: the humor is now starting to wear thin. Out of three issues this week, readers received three really short fights, a drink off, a wedding, and an arm-wrestling contest. I thought it was implied that this was a fight to the death, in battle, with swords. What was at first funny is beginning to turn sour fast. Hopefully, next week, we get a bit more serious.


Vows are fulfilled, drinks are shared, and Pogg Ur-Pogg does his best Stallone Ur-Stallone as he goes Over The Top in this week’s issue of WOLVERINE. Now, what Percy and Duggan manage to do that the other X OF SWORDS issues did not this week is put Wolverine front and center of HIS comic, unlike EXCALIBUR and MARAUDERS. Therefore, fans merely reading for their favorite Adamantium infused mutant can still enjoy this issue more so than the rest. Regardless, it’s still deeply intertwined with the overall story and may cause those fans uninterested in X OF SWORD to flee. That said, this was the most fast-paced, high octane issue so far that had the most battles with even more underlying questions waiting to be uncovered. What’s Death up to? What’s going to happen to Storm? Will Wolverine ever recover before the tournament is complete? And, with these matches moving so fast, is it truly a tournament? Do we have multiple rounds? This reviewer is still intrigued and still finds this event better than any we’ve had lately. However, my patience is beginning to wear thin. I need more action like Percy and Duggan gave us in the second half of this issue. Well, what did you guys think? Hit me up and let me!


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