Wolverine #31 Review

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Art: Juan José Ryp, Frank D’Armata, VC’s Cory Petit, Leinil Francis Yu, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Jay Bowen, and Tom Muller

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: March 15th, 2023

Beast will stop at nothing to protect Krakoa as he sees fit. Having lost the faith of X-Force and Wolverine, there’s only one mutant McCoy can turn to  –  himself! Join Beast, Beast, Beast and Beast, under the leadership of Beast, into the new Krakoan era as the Weapons of X era begins in this week’s Wolverine #31 by Benjamin Percy!

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This Beast story by Percy is just getting weirder and more twisted the farther down the rabbit hole we go. As we read deeper into Wolverine #31, the biotech mixed with Krakoan tech by Beast (as well as his outrageous experiments) are turned up to eleven! The fights get brutal and graphic alongside a massive game of chess between Beast and Wolverine. However, Beast always seems to be one step ahead which makes this issue of Wolverine super intense.

Nevertheless, Percy has raised the stakes and made Beast into a biogenetic, Dr. Moreau meets the High Evolutionary. Now, Percy provides Beast’s motivations as to why he’s been acting this way. And with good reason, it does partially make sense. However, Beast’s warped sense of right and wrong at the expense of his friends is just utterly uncharacteristic of… anyone but a supervillain! Plus, the “how” behind Beast’s actions seems a bit over the top. Sure, he’s a smart cookie. But this is some Forge-Level meets Sinister $&@$ he’s been up to. How did he craft all of this and when did he find the time?

Look, I like this angle Percy is taking. There is a ton of great story left on the bone that I’m excited to carve into. However, Percy needs to tease all this out thoroughly in order to land this plane well. The potential for one hell of a story is there. Lately, the landing by Percy just hasn’t been happening like it used to. My hope is that this story is different. My hope is that he doesn’t rush this story. If he takes his time, Wolverine #31 has the potential to be a story decoupled from the Krakoan Era, that could be one to remember for quite some time. Wolverine Vs. Beast! Let’s go!


Juan José Ryp and Frank D’Armata have an absolute field day in this week’s Wolverine #31. Readers get some super fierce, graphic scenes, genetic amalgamations, and boisterous action that beefs up Percy’s story well. And let me tell you, it’s incredibly gory. So, be prepared. Additionally, I absolutely love Ryp’s Beast. It reminds me of the original X-Men Movie, Frasier Crane Beast but more muscular. And fans will get a ton of Beast this issue! Sure, Percy’s story is pretty good but Ryp and D’Armata make it next level.


Wolverine #31 has the potential to be one heck of a story. From the biological, sci-fi machinations of Beast to the intense firestorm brewing between Beast and Wolverine, this story has the action and suspense to wrap our attention around Percy’s little finger. Genuinely, I haven’t been this excited reading his Wolverine run in quite some time. And, I highly recommend giving this issue a fair shake. Nevertheless, it may be a bit difficult to dive into at this juncture. That said, Percy does provide a pretty good summary page to get readers caught up if they were to take a good deep dive from here. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely pumped to see where this goes. My hope is that Percy delivers on a good, long, drawn-out story and stays away from wrapping it up too fast leaving too much meat on this bone.


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