Wolverine #20 Review

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Art: Adam Kubert, Frank Martin, Dijjo Lima, VC’s Cory Petit, Jay Bowen, and Tom Muller

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: April 20th, 2022

DEADPOOL is searching for his honorary citizenship to Krakoa and has decided to use WOLVERINE for assistance. However, when DEADPOOL unearths a formidable conspiracy that could condemn Krakoa’s future, it’s up to Wade and Logan to reluctantly join forces in order to squelch this threat. Let’s dive into WOLVERINE #20 by Benjamin Percy and Adam Kubert as these two attempt to reignite this series as the Destiny of X era begins to unfold.

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As spoilers go, I’m pretty confident you won’t be surprised to see Wade Wilson in this issue simply by looking at the cover. So, if you’re a huge DEADPOOL fan, WOLVERINE #20 is right up your alley. Sure, Logan is in the comic but the focus is entirely on DEADPOOL.

Well, what could Wade have to do with WOLVERINE in this immediate continuity? These two haven’t really crossed paths in years. True. But let’s just say he has a nagging interest in Krakoa that’s failed time and time again. Therefore, if you’re interested in some fourth-wall-breaking, the opening of this issue is entirely for you. However, as WOLVERINE titles go, this issue is a bit too wacky and has very little to do with Logan other than a few pages.

Ultimately, Logan is interested in getting intel on the X-Desk of the C.I.A. and recovering something very special to him. However, WOLVERINE manages to uncover something far worse along with everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth. Yet readers will discover that the angle Percy takes is a persistent stab at a DEADPOOL issue that just doesn’t seem to hit the mark. Fans will see that the humor is more annoying and repetitive than funny.

In an interview with Comicbook.com, Percy said that this storyline feels “… like a cousin of Midnight Run and the Fugitive.” Readers, I know it’s only one issue but WOLVERINE #20 was absolutely nothing like that. One thing is for sure, Percy suggested in that same interview that DEADPOOL “…bullies his way into the pages of WOLVERINE.” And that summarizes this issue entirely. Readers discover very little about the plot, are overindulged with wordy balloons, and don’t discover the premise or narrative until almost the end of WOLVERINE #20.


Percy also said in that same interview with Comicbook.com that “Adam Kubert has never been better.” As someone who has reviewed almost every issue of this run, as well as contentless other narratives involving Kubert, I strongly disagree. He’s done far better. The opening bike scene referred to in this article is way too small and lacked definition, was shaded awkwardly, and required detail.

Kubert doesn’t excel unless he has the space to work and when he attempts to draw explosive, dynamite action with a plethora of panel work, it takes away from the illustrations. Heck, the big reveal as WOLVERINE #20 could have been more dynamic but the characters were drawn so small making them difficult to decipher. Yet, the final page, which was practically a full-page spread, was as good as it gets in this opener. On a more positive note, the covers on WOLVERINE #20 are absolutely outstanding, and where this reviewer would give most of the go-ahead nod.


DEADPOOL has his own fan group that appreciates this style. And like many people, I enjoy a good joke and situational humor to boot. However, Percy’s attempts at both just didn’t connect. Furthermore, the narrative didn’t really get interesting until the last couple of pages. Prior to that, the main focus of WOLVERINE’S first issue back was on DEADPOOL. So, I merely question the strategy of refocusing your first issue back since December 22nd on Wade Wilson.

Yes, I know WOLVERINE has been around following the killer events of X LIVES/ X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE. Nevertheless, fans of his run have been removed for almost four months only to revisit the run with another guy, again quoting Percy, “bullying” his way into your book. WOLVERINE #20 was not “hilarious as it is heart-bruised”. Kubert’s art was not overly stellar and focused on too many smaller panel progressions and needed more detail than usual. Maybe with time, my opinion will change? But for right now, if this is the new status quo, I think this reviewer may be taking a hard pass until DEADPOOL finds his way off the title. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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