Wolverine #1 Review

Writer: Ben Percy

Art: Adam Kubert, Frank Martin, VC’s Cory Petit, Tom Muller, Viktor Bogdanovic, Matthew Wilson, and Alex Ross

Price: $7.99

Release Date: February 19th, 2020

Wolverine has seen it all and has been through it all. He’s fought almost everyone you can image and due to his abilities continues to live to tell the tale. However, he’s also raw, animalistic, untamed, and full of viral and brutal rage that constitutes itself into his family and friends. If you surround yourself with the Wolverine for too long, you’ll probably end up dead… or worse. Now, as Wolverine’s first series since the RETURN OF WOLVERINE in 2018, but mainly since his tragic demise in 2014, he’s back with Ben Percy at the helm this week with WOLVERINE #1. But as long time readers know, where there is Wolverine there is death. It’s only a matter of time, or in this case, page 2 before Logan is covered with the stench of expiration. Let’s dive into the opening installment of Ben Percy’s WOLVERINE #1 and see just what sins come back to haunt our 188-year-old Wolverine.

After reading Percy’s opening tale, I would like to begin by simply saying that Wolverine fans will be thrilled to have such an amazingly talented writer conducting this new grand design and classic fan favorite. This series and this character are in really good hands. And, if you don’t believe me, look no further than Percy’s job on X-FORCE to date as substantial proof of what he can do with the character and why he’s the best man for the job.

This issue is graphic, violent, bloody, fierce, and wildly feral. Mix Percy’s ravenous style with Adam Kubert’s powerfully fierce illustrations and you get an issue packed full of vividly stimulating pages, smooth designs, and abrasive drawings that will keep you plugged in on every page. This would normally be tough for any creative team to accomplish, especially with the length of this issue as well as the semi-wordy nature of this vital issue. However, the lengthy essence of this opening anecdote didn’t feel cumbersome at all. Sure, it took some time to read but I was locked in from page one through to the last. Readers will undoubtedly be captivated by this impressive inaugural narrative.

First of all, let me inform readers that there are actually two stories in this oversized $7.99 issue. And again, it is packed full of hearty meat to really sink your teeth into. Plus, both these stories appear to be the foundation of the series moving forward. My hope is that this doesn’t turn into what NEW MUTANTS was doing with Jonathan Hickman and Ed Brisson. If WOLVERINE is going to jump from story to story, please let it be by Percy alone. Let him weave his story together with X-FORCE in a flattering way that blends masterfully with the other Dawn of X titles like I’m sure Percy is qualified to do.

As for the two stories themselves, both appear very interesting with the big focus surrounding Logan’s past sins and transgressions. It comes across as though Percy is going to take readers down a dark rabbit hole surrounded by all of Logan’s past depravities and malfeasance. Old rivalries will be reintroduced while also exploring new angles that the humans are trying to corrupt and destroy the family that Logan has finally built. Readers get to see the Wolverine happy… at least for a bit. But, Percy won’t leave it that way very long, nor should he if he wants to make this story interesting. Both stories tackle two different avenues for Logan to travel down. In my opinion, they are both interesting in their own unique way. Truthfully, I’d want to say more but even the smallest plot thread will reveal too much. However, I will say that the first story is more X-FORCE heavy while the second is, in my opinion, the most intriguing of the two and really excites this reader the most.


Percy draws readers into this oversized issue with two remarkable stories filled with mystery, imagination, and violence immediately out of the gate. What more could you want from a Wolverine story? From the opening page, Wolverine fans will be hooked while almost feeling apart of the journey. The story was incredibly easy to follow and made a dialogue-heavy issue that would normally feel long and tiring, thrilling and vibrant. Blend that smoothie with a bit of Kubert’s dramatic illustrations that really capture the gripping conflict between the panels and you have yourself an excellent kickstart to this series we’ve been craving now since HOXPOX if not before. I have extremely high hopes for this issue and think it’s totally worth the cover price. If you’re an X-fan, this is a must-buy! Pick this issue up and add this series to your pull list. You’ll be glad you did.




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