Which Life of Moira MacTaggert is HOUSE OF X actually taking place in?

WARNING SPOILERS of HOUSE OF X #4 and all prior issues AHEAD

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Wolverine died in this week’s HOUSE OF X #4, or at least appeared to die, AND has died multiple times in the past. However, there was just something about this week’s HOUSE OF X #4 that really stuck with this reviewer. Maybe it was simply the magnitude of Wolverine’s sacrifice that hit so hard? Maybe it was the talk Logan had with Nightcrawler right before his heroic act? But X-fans seeing Logan sacrifice himself for the future, as well as all of mutantkind, really made a mark with this reviewer.

That said, after talking with multiple readers online, this reviewer thinks that people are also forgetting that Nightcrawler died at that moment too. Notice in the art as Nightcrawler disintegrates out by the sun. Kurt didn’t teleport back inside. So, why isn’t anyone talking about Kurt’s death? Was it that forgettable or was it meant to be hidden?

And then, there was Cyclops. His death also struck a chord. However, it was Jean’s emotional scream that resonated with this reader more than how he was killed. After everything Cyclops has been through from wars he’s started, deaths he’s comeback from, and enemies he’s faced, Dr. Gregor takes him down with a shot to the head. Granted, Karima basically paralyzed him first BUT a pissed off Doctor who lost her husband takes down the great leader of the X-Men. Needless to say, this was a bit frustrating to this reviewer. However, the emotions ran high as readers see Jean scream in terror after his death and her would-be capture.

Technically, the only members of the team that “may” still be alive are Monet, who transformed into Penance (which I didn’t think was possible) as she battled the soldiers so Jean could escape, and “maybe” Jean. However, even if readers assume that Monet and Jean survived (which I don’t think they did), what does that mean for the rest of the story? How does this usher in a new “Dawn” for the X-Men?

The assumption was that the HOUSE OF X comic is taking place in Moira MacTaggert’s 10th life. Maybe it is? Or maybe, there is something more? Take a look HERE at a prior review where this fan discussed a theory involving the numbering and coloring of the reading order listed at the end of EVERY issue.

To summarize, the theory this reviewer had was that HOUSE OF X takes place in the 11th Life of Moira MacTaggert. Actually, this reviewer would argue that HOUSE OF X takes place in both the 10th AND 11th Life’s of Moira MacTaggert. Furthermore, maybe what readers just witnessed was a failed attempt in Moira’s 10th Life? Sure, Mother Mold may have been stopped but who will be around to stop humanity from rebuilding this device all over again?

For example, if we look at the reading order again that happens at the end of each book, for some reason HOUSE OF X # 2, HOUSE OF X #5, and POWERS OF X #6 are all labeled with a red color. No pattern to the coloring… no rhyme or reason. At first, this review thought that it followed the coloring of the timelines that were designated in issue two.

However, this reviewer is speculating that each of the above three mentioned issues represents the Life that we WILL jump into at the “Dawn” of this new age of X-Men. Meaning, the relaunched comics starting in October and November are the timeline represented in HOUSE OF X #2, HOUSE OF X #5, and POWERS OF X #6.

If we look ahead at Solicits for October and November, readers will see pictures of Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean, and countless other mutants. Point is; our heroes can’t die in this issue. The only explanation is that we are witnessing Moira’s 10th Life that will fail at some point for some reason. Maybe fans will see the failure of HOUSE OF X #4 played out in future issues?

Again, the assumption this reviewer has is that HOUSE OF X #1, 3, 4, and 6 take place in Moira’s 10th Life. Additionally, the POWERS OF X #1, 2, and 3 take place in other Life’s of Moira as well. For example, POWERS OF X #3 showed the Year 100 storyline ending Moira’s 9th Life. But, the POWERS OF X books also take place in Year 1, Year 10, and Year 1000. Well, what if Year 1 is actually Moira’s 11th Life not listed in her timelines and that’s where the Dawn of X will take place? HOUSE OF X focused on Year 10, which could be her 10th Life. But, maybe Year 1000 is the distance future of Moira’s 10th Life?

According to HOUSE OF X #4, it looks like Charles Xavier succeeded but at a cost. However, we can’t have a series without our main characters that all died. So, maybe the focus of the rest of the issues in HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X, other than HOUSE OF X #5 and POWERS OF X #6, still takes place in Moira’s 10th Life? Maybe readers will gradually see that the efforts of the “House of X” still fail and a different direction is still needed?

Currently, it’s the only idea that makes sense to this fan. Either way, this reviewer has no doubt Jonathan Hickman will answer all of these questions and so much more. Additionally, regardless of whether this fan is right or wrong (I’m probably wrong), Hickman is still doing a fantastic job and is ultimately getting fans reinvigorated with a franchise that has been stale as of late. This series is no doubt a trade that will be added to my collection, as well as the individual issues that this reviewer has been collecting. Why? Well, Hickman continues to create speculation, discussion, suspense, action, and emotional ties that make readers care about X-Men again.

For a fan like myself that hasn’t followed X-Men in detail for almost a decade, I’m all in and many other comic fans are too. Maybe this reviewer is right? Maybe the HOUSE OF X #2, HOUSE OF X #5 and POWERS OF X #6 are the “Dawn of X” timeline/ 11th Life of Moira MacTaggert that’s not listed yet? Maybe Hickman will continue to shock and amaze making everything this reviewer said totally wrong? If you’ve ever read SECRET WARS, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. Only time will tell. Either way, I’m all in!

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