We Have Demons #1-3 Review

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We Have Demons is the first series in a line of books being self-published and written by Scott Snyder. In this series, Snyder teams up with his New52 Batman partner/artist Greg Capullo. That lineup alone will be enough to draw in people to try this new series. But is this series worth sticking around for? That depends on what you’re looking for of course.

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We Have Demons attempts to bring together science and religion in an interesting way. The plot of the series is that thousands of years ago two meteors crashed on earth. One contains a mineral called “Horn” and the other with something called “Halo”. Already the symbolism is not exactly subtle.

Horn has the ability to infect people and turn them into Demons whereas Halo helps those with Faith in the inherent good in people combat the effects of Horn. Specifically by making bladed weapons that can kill the Demons. For centuries there was a secret army that fought the Demons. But over time their numbers dwindled.

As the series opens in the present day we are introduced to Lam. She learns her father was a valued hunter in the fight against the Horn. Unfortunately, she only learns this after his death. It is then that she is introduced to this long-going war.

A young woman introduced to a secret supernatural battle between good and evil and having a bit of an attitude towards everyone is not exactly a new spin. Lam’s characterization has a particular Buffy vibe to it. Lam is introduced to her Father’s former partner/reformed Demon Gus. His backstory is tragic and one of the more interesting parts of the series.


This story has a lot of exposition. I mean A LOT. Snyder appears to be attempting to develop a new world for the reader in a very short amount of time. While a significant amount of time is spent with two characters narrating all the backstory, it still feels like we’re only getting a bullet point version of the overall story.

Each issue is not a quick read. Which is a good thing as too many comic stories today are decompressed for the eventual trade. Whereas We Have Demons, despite all the information dump, feels like it could have benefited from more than three issues to flesh out the details. Especially when we are introduced to Lam’s Father’s allies who are too many.

And despite the artist’s attempt, none look or act very distinctive. They even all wear the exact same white form-fitting uniform. As the story ends, we learn this is the end of volume one. This is fitting as these three issues almost feel like a prequel series to something else coming out eventually.


Speaking of the art, Capullo does his usual great job of providing a flair and attention-seeking style. It is very reminiscent of his Spawn days. Especially his approach to drawing the Demons. In the second issue, there is a great action sequence of the Demons attacking a plane in mid-air. No doubt, the highlight of the series so far.


Dark Horse Comics plans to release the print version of We Have Demons in the near future. For now, you can read it free digitally if you have Comixology or Kindle Unlimited. You can also read it free with Prime Reading (as I did). That alone would be worth giving We Have Demons a try. The concept of merging Science and religion here is a nice spin on an old concept.

The long exposition both over explains the world while at the same time making it feel like we didn’t get a lot of stories. Almost a telling and not showing take on the overall plot. The art is great but the story beats itself felt rushed, almost like they were in a hurry to get to the end in order to set up whatever the next volume will be about.


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