Way of X #5 Review

Writer: Si Spurrier

Art: Bob Quinn, Java Tartaglia, VC’s Clayton Cowles, Tom Muller, Marte Garcia, and Giuseppe Camuncoli

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: August 18th, 2021

Krakoa has quietly been spinning into lawlessness since its launch. However, to hold up the decline of the newly formed mutant nation, Nightcrawler has stepped in to endeavor a sense of purpose and direction. So, he’s been literally critiquing each of the three mutant foundational laws set forth by the Quiet Council. Nevertheless, along his journey, Kurt’s discovered that ONSLAUGHT has been lurking in the shadows. Thus, tasked with the mission to stop ONSLAUGHT in his tracks, Nightcrawler enlists Xavier’s son Legion for help. Let’s dive into WAY OF X #5 by Si Spurrier to discover if Legion and Nightcrawler can stop ONSLAUGHT before it’s too late while also managing to regain a purpose and direction for mutant kind.

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Si Spurrier is getting deep X-MEN fans. And, it’s getting real; fast! Nightcrawler has been at the center of figuring out this sensation that’s been scratching under the surface of all mutants since the resurrection process was conceived. That little blue devil knew from the start that something didn’t feel right. Whether it be the Crucible or the gradual frivolous nature of life itself, mutants’ attitudes trivialized life and death. Nightcrawler actually has a quote in this issue that was truly profound. To paraphrase he says, “Dying has to matter. Or neither does living.”

Fans, that’s the whole point. It’s the concept of death that makes life so much more important and meaningful. However, the point of this specific issue of the WAY OF X was to also highlight the last law, which is to “Respect this Sacred Land”. Yet, what Nightcrawler begins to realize before this issue concludes is that mutants themselves are also the land. Land isn’t just dirt. It’s also the individuals within that land. So, how could the mutant’s trivial expression of death and resurrection truly show respect for their “sacred land”. If anything, it has the opposite effect. Plus, if fans actually take a look back to the very beginning of the HOXPOX era, they’d notice a gradual change in specific mutants’ behaviors as well. And, that change has been more prevalent in those mutants that have been resurrected multiple times.

Furthermore, Kurt works on the concept of reconciliation. Sure, resurrection isn’t “Respecting the Sacred Land” since people are a part of the land. Therefore, forgiveness is needed for respect to taking place. However, I think people misunderstand reconciliation and forgiveness. Oftentimes, people confuse the two. My point is forgiveness is one way. It doesn’t take two people to forgive. Yet reconciliation does. And again, this is something severely promoted throughout the Bible.

Reconciliation is a restoration of a relationship, which would follow suit with deeming another person as sacred. Broken relationships lead to anger, aggression, hate, and this sense of selfishness that eats away at you. Kurt intended to hit this point home throughout the WAY OF X #5 while also connecting the important elements moving forward. Again, fans simply can’t leave this issue without seeing the moral and Biblical connection to life itself. What an outstanding read!


Readers, it’s really difficult to write a review about this issue of the WAY OF X without spoiling the key component that wraps everything tight together. You see, the crux that’s been hiding in the shadows this entire time since HOXPOX began has been ONSLAUGHT himself. However, he’s been literally hiding in the shadows. Actually, he’s been hiding in the dark spaces of resurrection. Meaning, ONSLAUGHT has been concealing himself in the missing gaps of time and memory that aren’t returned to each mutant. And as I understand it, he simply hangs out in everyone’s mind like a memory waiting to pounce. However, I think he’s more dominant in those who’ve been resurrected numerous times.


Holy $@&$! This is incredibly creative and fascinating as hell. I simply can’t get over how inventive Spurrier is with this concept as WAY OF X #5 unravels. Not only does Spurrier take readers back to some stellar Biblical truths and foundational moral/ societal standards, but he does so in such a thought-provoking way. There isn’t a human being alive today who hasn’t thought about resurrection or simply living forever. Heck, Christianity has this concept as a linchpin.

My point is, Spurrier drives home perfect ideals as to human nature, life itself, and why resurrection for all would be doomed from the beginning. Readers, WAY OF X is the perfect series to read and discuss over a cup of coffee. I highly recommend giving WAY OF X #5 a chance. Nevertheless, it’s probably not the best issue to hop on board. Therefore, you need to grab the back issues or wait to get the trade. WAY OF X #5 is an example of invention and imagination at its finest. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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