Way of X #4 Review

Writer: Si Spurrier

Art: Bob Quinn, Java Tartaglia, VC’s Clayton Cowles, Tom Muller, Marte Garcia, and Giuseppe Camuncoli

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: July 14th, 2021

As mutants find a way to take a new home on Mars, their old island home appears to be on the brink of lawlessness and destruction. Nevertheless, Nightcrawler has been working behind the scenes in an attempt to reunite Krakoa with significance and meaning. So, in tackling this feet, Kurt’s been investigating each law in the WAY OF X. And after, noticing the major malfunctions and corruption surrounding “Make More Mutants”, he’s worked his way to “Kill No Man”.

Yet, while stumbling through these laws, Nightcrawler has discovered that ONSLAUGHT is on the loose crawling through the minds of mutants everywhere on Krakoa. However, during a showdown between Fabian Cortez and Lost, ONSLAUGHT made his appearance more known. So, what’s next for Nightcrawler as he explores the second law and hunts down answers about ONSLAUGHT? Let’s dive into WAY OF X #4 by Si Spurrier and find out!

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If you thought this series was heavy before, wait until you sink your teeth into this weeks WAY OF X. Spurrier tackles the elements of “Thou shall not kill” as well as the infectious nature of the sin that managed to weasel its way into the cracks of Eden the first time. Furthermore, he makes comparisons to God’s creation alongside Krakoa and what it’s morphed into. There‘s no doubt readers will leave seeing the comparisons. Yet, other than a wonderful thought-provoking experiment, X-MEN fans may leave the WAY OF X more confused than when they entered.

Spurrier is certainly rocking mutant morality to its core. However, I can’t help but wonder why. Is his point to prove the impossibility of ever having a true paradise? Is it merely human/ mutant nature to corrupt everything we touch? Additionally, take notice of the conversation between Fabian Cortez and Nightcrawler in this week’s installment. The focus of their conversation is on “Thou Shall Not Kill”.

Cortez tries to provoke Nightcrawler into no other option than to kill. Thus, Spurrier is exploring what truly fits within the confines of that commandment. However, I’d argue he’s merely analyzing the more rudimentary Old Testament look as opposed to what Jesus develops in the Sermon on the Mount. So ultimately, readers need to be prepared to take a deep dive into their Bibles this week as Spurrier interjects some intriguing Philosophical questions into both the WAY OF X as well as their Biblical studies.


The WAY OF X is actually a pretty tricky book. Moreover, it’s practically a niche title. By that, I mean there are really only two types of readers that will love this series. There is the philosophical, Biblical worldview reader that will love the deep, profound questions this series sparks. And then, there is the longtime X-MEN fan. Why? Well, Spurrier is throwing in so many different characters that have been on the outskirts of X-MEN comics for years. Some of these characters include, but are not limited to, Sooraya, Kuan-Yin, Shen, and a few others who’ve graced us with their presence in prior issues. It’s only the avid fan that would be truly excited for these guest appearances and thus attracting them more towards the comic.

Now, even with this reviewer falling in both categories, I still struggle to see the book’s overall purpose. Readers will get no closer to any answers in this installment involving ONSLAUGHT nor is Kurt deciphering any fixable answers to the moral cracks in the Krakoan armor.

After the last two installments of the WAY OF X, it just feels like the series is spinning its wheels. I’m struggling to see the end game. Before this series, fans could already see the hypocrisy, the evil, the corruption, and the twisted nature that was all over Krakoa. Heck, depending on your perspective, many would argue that the mutants could very well be the villains of this story. So, unless there is a driving purpose on the horizon, I’m struggling to see the true intent and direction of the series.


Nightcrawler continues to look incredible as Bob Quinn and Java Tartaglia show their allegiance to the title. Furthermore, Quinn and Tartaglia have such attention to the minutiae within this comic. Look no further than the background on almost every panel to see the avid detail of the world around the characters. Quinn especially appears to be having so much fun as he conveys the character’s emotions so well throughout WAY OF X. Readers can see the pain, anger, and excitement in every character involved. Moreover, Tartaglia’s brilliant color choices complemented the story wonderfully and set a perfect tone for the issue.


WAY OF X #4 will certainly get the reader thinking this week. Plus, take notice to Legion and the Xorn’s this issue. Something big happens yet Spurrier writes it as if it’s a throwaway transaction within the story. However, I’d argue it’s a pretty big deal. Additionally, readers won’t get much action or suspense this week. Nevertheless, longtime X-MEN fans will receive some long-lost character infusion alongside some extremely heavy, and thought-provoking biblical conversations. If that’s what you’re looking for then WAY OF X is right on your pew. Otherwise, this may be the time to cut and run in this series with no set direction in sight other than philosophical explorations. If that’s your thing, you’ll fall in love with Spurrier’s tale. Otherwise, let me know what you think, have a great week, and God bless!


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