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WandaVision Episode #6 Review

WandaVision Episode 6-1

Director: Matt Shakman

Publisher: Marvel
Price: $6.99 (Disney+ Subscription)
Release Date: 2/12/21
Reviewer: Soycornholio

After last week’s episode, I had to set an alarm for 1:00 AM just to watch Episode #6 of WandaVision. YES! It is THAT good! Much like the other episodes, episode #6 leaves us with multiple questions. With that being said, let’s take a nosedive into WandaVision episode # 6.

WandaVision Episode 6-2

Era: Marvel has done an amazing job with really capturing the various tv eras throughout WandaVision. Naturally, we all thought that this episode would be stuck in the 1990s, however, it seemed more like an amalgam of the late ’90s and the early aughts. There was even a nod to the 10’s. Knowing Marvel, this has to be on purpose. I am inclined to believe that the combination of eras is solid proof that Wanda is beginning to crack (even within her hex). Eras are beginning to collide, and Wanda may be losing control. If this is the case, excellent job Marvel.

WandaVision Episode 6-3

TV: We all know by now that WandaVision purposely has influences from various tv shows (Bewitched & The Brady Bunch to name a few), but this episode in particular, really leaned heavily into tv land. For starters, when Vision went off on his adventure to “find the truth,” he gave me Agent Mulder vibes. I mean, how many times have we seen Mulder have a hunch that something was off about whatever case he and Scully were investigating, and the next thing we know, he is getting his dress shoes and trench coat dirtied in the woods of North Carolina? Next, this episode surprisingly leaned into Rick and Morty. What!? Yes, Rick and Morty. Think back to the season 1 episode “M. Night Saym-Aliens.” Remember what happened with Jerry and his bosses or the random neighbors in the street? That is what I thought about while Vision was exploring Westview. On another far-out note, this episode also reminded me of American Horror Story: Coven. As Vision was exploring, I was waiting for the moment when everyone would swarm and attack him. Now that I think about it…Wanda is the Supreme in this tv show. Last (but not least) this episode served as a love letter to Malcolm in the Middle. As a millennial who grew up with Malcolm in the Middle, it was comforting to see the same style of whacky family antics take place. In fact, after this episode, I would love to see Marvel create some type of early 0000’s themed tv show.

WandaVision Episode 6-7

Costumes: I have a confession; I was that person who would rant about heroes on the big screen not having comic book accurate costumes (too much leather Fox). This episode proved to me why it is not a good idea to have all of the heroes in their comic book accurate wardrobe. I loved seeing Wanda and Vision in their fortune teller and Luchador outfits respectively, but could you imagine running around wearing those outfits in 2021? Well, we were able to see it for Halloween, but imagine that in battle. It has to be beyond awkward to run in wedged boots. On the other hand, seeing Wiccan and Pietro in their comic book costumes was pretty awesome (except for Pietro’s hair, that hairstyle needed to stay in the Silver Age).

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Final Thoughts

Marvel does an amazing job of showing and not telling. There are so many powerful moments in this episode (i.e. the Denzel Washington esque tear) that causes you to rewind and watch it again. A picture (or scene) is worth 1000 words. After this episode, I am convinced that there should be a Marvel Zombies mini-series. It would be beyond frightening and the effects would be top-notch.

I know there are a plethora of theories floating around out there regarding Pietro. Honestly, I want it to be surface level and Evan Peters in our new (old) Quicksilver. His entire “man child” persona works amazingly well in WandaVision. In fact, it would’ve been nice for us to stay in tv land a little longer this go around. Something about this era seemed more natural than the previous episodes. All in all, check out this episode. You will not be disappointed! And remember, “don’t go past Ellis Avenue.”


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