WandaVision Episode #4 Review

Director: Matt Shakman
Price: $6.99 (Disney+ Subscription)
Release Date: January 29th, 2021
Reviewer: Soycornholio

WandaVision plays like a Stephen King novel. Everything is normal. Normal to the point of being dull. Then out of nowhere, a little boy is snatched into the sewer by a killer clown and you are like “WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?” This is the same with WandaVision. Everything is happy and lighthearted until someone begins to choke, or a gardening wall is being cut into by a smiling neighbor. Unlike the previous episodes, episode 4 titled “We Interrupt this Program” plays heavily into familiar territory: the MCU.

This episode was promoted as a game-changer by many people and media outlets to include a few of the stars on the show. It was a game-changer in some sense, but it mainly confirmed what a lot of fans had been theorizing up until this point. Now I say “up until this point” because we are now left with more questions than anything. We knew from casting announcements that Teyonah Parris’s character “Geraldine”, was Monica Rambeau (last seen as a little girl in Captain Marvel). We also knew from the previous episodes, that she was somehow affiliated with S.W.O.R.D (the sister agency of S.H.I.E.L.D). Episode 4 provides more of a modern-day back story as to what Monica had been doing up until WandaVision. This episode does NOT cover what happens after Monica returns to Westview, but it balances out by providing what was happening while Wanda was living out this new reality. If you are like me, you would want to know what was going on in the main reality while Wanda was living out her Bewitched fantasy.

The Wanda version of WandaVision comes off as a peppy show. The laugh track and the silly antics that she and Vision find themselves in is in stark (see what I did there) contrast to the MCU. The laugh track and pep are absent in this episode…and it is a good thing. It gives us as the viewer, more room to pay attention to what is happening: the Scarlett Witch has created a new reality for herself. If you have not seen episode 4, you will probably be thinking that this is not that big of a deal since she is grieving and is trying to process the death of Vision. If you have seen episode 4, you will realize that Wanda is in a gray area. What she is doing has to have some type of real-world consequences. Even in the Marvel Universe, creating pocket realities is not something that is necessarily ok (unless you are a 5-year-old boy whose mutation is reality). If Wanda were a villain in Marvel (say, Dr. Doom, Red Skull, or even Loki) would creating a pocket reality be ok? Hopefully, those consequences will be fully realized in the Multiverse of Madness or any of the other Phase 4 movies.

Final Thoughts:

We need to give a major round of applause to Elizabeth Olsen. The range of acting that she is displaying in this tv show, is amazing. She is playing her role to a point that would make legends such as Joan Crawford and Bette Davis pay attention. Episodes 1-4 are like a story arc. You are now aware of what is happening on both sides of the wall. Unfortunately, we are back in the dark as to what is going on. Overall, stay on for this ride. It is a slow burn. You will not get everything at one time, but that is what makes this tv show amazing.  Marvel Studios are doing things that could not be accomplished on the big screen with WandaVision. As shown in the final minutes of this episode, we do not know what to expect.





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