Void Rivals #4 Review

Writer: Robert Kirkman

Artist: Lorenzo De Felici

Colorist: Matheus Lopes

Letterer: Rus Wooton

Cover Art: Lorenzo De Felici

Publisher: Skybound

Price: $3.99

Release Date: September 27th, 2023

Reviewed by: Samriddh Chaudhary


Darak and Solila return to the Sacred Ring after their bond is altered irreversibly and their trust is broken after the events of the last issue. Void Rivals #4 shows how this tale from the new Energon Universe grows more complex with each issue.

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The Dispatch:

Robert Kirkman provides another brilliant continuation to his flagship title for The Energon Universe. Kirkman has written a layered story with political and emotional intricacies that grow more and more interesting with each issue. The pacing for each of the issues has been impeccable. The amount of time given to each event maximizes the impact of that particular event significantly. Even though the last issue was a little low on its political commentary Void Rivals #4 makes up for it easily by focusing on the Zertonians and their reactions to Solila returning with an Agorrian. The issue also reveals some key details that will shape the future of Darak and Solila and their quest to unpack the truth about their races. Another very enjoyable aspect of the book is that it maintains a tone that allows the reader to explore some of the space politics of the series and also manages to make the reader laugh at its lighthearted moments.

Even though most of the story is focused on Darak and Solila and their relationship, I feel the book sometimes tries to pander too much toward setting up the new universe. I want to know what happened to the Autobots and The Decepticons but in their own books not in one that is definitely about something else.

The Art:

The Art compliments the book really well. The sketchy but not too sketchy style that Lorenzo De Felici employs in the book elevates the experience of reading the book and the colors by Matheus Lopes also contribute heavily to that experience.

Final Thoughts:

Void Rivals #4 impressively continues to build on the intricate storytelling and expert pacing of the series. Robert Kirkman’s skillful narrative explores the Zertonians’ reactions to Solila’s return and offers promising revelations for Darak and Solila’s journey. The mix of space politics and humor keeps readers engaged, but occasional detours into setting up the new universe can be distracting. I can positively say this book is one of the best coming out right now.


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