Venom #13 Review

Venom (2021) #13

Writer: Al Ewing

Artist: Bryan Hitch

Inker: Andrew Currie

Color Artist: Alex Sinclair

Cover Artist: Bryan Hitch

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

Tortured by the revelations laid before him by Meridius, Eddie Brock is alone and on a dark downward trajectory that may leave him broken. However, not all is lost as he finds unexpected help that may be his one shot to get back to Dylan and stop Meridius. See what treacherous waters Eddie Brock has to cross to get back to the present in Venom #13!

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So, the comic is exactly what it says on the synopsis: this is a Dark Web prelude/tie-in. Now, this reviewer is not a fan of Marvel Comic tie-in stories, but Al Ewing does what he can to make it work for this series’ story. He moves the main story of the series, at least on Eddie Brock’s side of things, forward while finding a somewhat sensible way to have it connect with the Dark Web event. Readers’ mileage will vary on whether they like how it happens and what comes next.

Right off the bat, Eddie Brock as the present “Finnegan” aspect of himself as he waits for the end to come in Meridius’ Garden of Time. Here, Al Ewing captures the desperation that Eddie finds himself in as he’s poised on going mad and trying to find any way to stop what’s happening to him and Dylan. Naturally, he kept be left well enough alone even in the far future as he gets some interaction with the witty and sarcastic blue-colored King in Black called Wilde. It’s through this interaction that Eddie figures out an idea that may be his salvation or lead to his doom.

After that is where the comic really goes into Dark Web territory and acts as a prelude to the upcoming crossover event. Granted, that doesn’t mean the comic is terrible or anything. The dialogue and narration from Eddie captures his desperate state of mind who’s looking for any way to get back while itching for payback. This is also helped by Bryan Hitch’s art as he’s able to expand beyond symbiotes and this time cover a different type of dark realm with Venom.

However, much like his present X-Men Red series, Al Ewing’s story ends up becoming halted and derailed to have the character somehow connect with someone else’s comic event. For some, the explanation and reasoning behind how and why Eddie ends up in the crosshairs of a certain Madeline Pryor will vary on believability among readers. For this reviewer, I’m taking this detour into the event as a sign to tae a break from the Venom series until it curves back to the main storyline.

Final Thoughts:

Venom #13 picks things up with Eddie Brock this time around and sets things up for his connection to the upcoming Dark Web event. The comic does a fine job capturing Eddie’s desperate state of mind and it’s not all doom and gloom for the symbiote web-slinger. Mileage will vary on whether or not fans will like this sort of detour for Eddie’s story, and hopefully Venom’s contributions to the event will be enjoyable.


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