Tony Stark: Iron Man #16 Review

Writers: Dan Slott and Jim Zub
Artist: Valerio Schiti
Color artist: Edger Delgado
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 18, 2019

If we can surpass God, then why is God significant? This is the question I picture Ultron posing to himself at his moment of sentience. The answer Ultron came up with at that time wasn’t good for any living creature. Now with Ultron bonded with Hank Pym does that make, UltroPymp, Jesus Christ? Possibly we will have to see. So gather around the table there is plenty of bread and wine given and shed for you to enjoy like the good little cannibals (cough, cough) carnivores you are and lets see if this ‘slow build’ story Slott has been running is worth thirty pieces of silver.

We open in Baintronics in Arno Stark’s lab as he doing reconstructive surgery on Jocasta. She has been wanting to have the form of a human or be completely human since the beginning of Slott’s run. Arno is a quarter of the way through the procedure when UltroPymp comes bursting through the heavily secured vault door to the lab. 

Apparently the mental connection between UltroPymp and Jocasta has never been completely severed. When Jocasta has been going through this crisis of conscience and VR humanizing it has had an affect on UltroPymp.

UltroPymp has been drifting around in space pretty much since his last defeat. The last time I saw him was Infinity Wars. He battled Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock. It seems he has been watching the Voyeur 24 Jocasta channel and he is hot and ready to get…Married? 

UltroPymp wants both his hoes combined into one sweet cream filled cookie and you better believe that its double stuffed. He had WonderVision kidnap Janet Van Dyne last issue and now it is time to slap the two in a shaker and pour out one cool drink of water.

Unless Tony has some plan to stop this? We see him back at Stark Unlimited trying to separate Vision from Wonder Man. The process looks brutally painful. With 36 failed attempts and a street filled with dead innocent sentient robots Tony wears his frustration on his sleeve.

Luckily, with some coincidental neurobiology vocabulary from our resident robotics scientist Andy Bang, Tony figures out that Ultron is back in town for a few day to thrill. Tony theorizes that Ultron was truly going after Jocasta. He sets out to find Jo and to do that he needs to find Machine Man.

At the robot bar, The Uncanny Valley, Aaron “Machine Man” Stack is drowning his sorrows after Jo told him she wants to be a Fleshy. Iron Man shows up nonsense ensues until Tony tells Aaron, Jo is in trouble then we are off to save her and Janet.

They arrive at Baintronics too late but we get a productive deductive reasoning conversation out of Arno. He tells them that UltroPymp is in the tunnels of the Avengers Mansion.

Tony and Aaron arrive just in the nick of time but in the subsequent battle the damage inflicted on Tony might leave him more Machine than Man.

Final Thoughts:

This was a jam packed issue with a lot of spinning plates that kept me mesmerized. With an excellent up grade in Villain Iron Man has remained relevant in a universe covered in darkness, for the time being. Schiti’s art with Delgado colors amps up the urgency this story is delivering. 


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