Tomb of Dracula #4 Review (1972)

Writer: Archie Goodwin

Art: Gene Colan, John Costanza, and Tom Palmer

Price: $.20 cents

Release Date: September 1st, 1972

Isla Strangway’s quest for eternal beauty has led her to do the unthinkable, invite Dracula into her home! This can’t end well, can it? Let’s find out…

This is a pretty fast-paced issue that was a quick read. It deals with things that are not what you would think would be uncommon when a vampire is involved. Treachery and deceit. Mrs. Stranway wants to be beautiful again and makes a deal of sorts with Dracula. She’s offering a mirror that acts as a portal to other centuries, and convinces him that he’s living “out of” his time, as he’s been dead so to speak for over 100 years. Dracula is offering eternal beauty to her if she becomes a vampire. However, little do either know that neither one is being entirely truthful in what they’re offering in the deal.

Meanwhile Frank, Rachel, and Taj follow some leads that have them travel from the Strangway mansion to an old WW2 bunker where Clifton, Dracula, and Strangway are waiting for dark…

Later, after feeding, Stangway realizes she’s been played for a fool.

She hasn’t told Dracula the full story of the mirror either, Dracula needs another mirror…

Realizing that she’ll never be young AND that she’s a vampire asks Rachel to be put out her misery.

Later, Dracula is trapped in Stangway’s house by Frank and Taj. He thinks he’s got an escape through the mirror but ends up dragging Taj with him.

Where they’ll end up is anyone’s guess. And with a new writer coming on in issue 5, who knows if the story will continue or go in a completely new direction? I guess we’ll find out in my next review!

Gene Colon continues to amaze me in his pencil work.

Great art adds SO much to a story.

Final Thoughts:

Despite having two writers in the first four issues, this has been an extremely well-done series thus far. With yet another writer coming on in issue 5, my hopes are that the high level of story/art continues.