Thor #7 Review

Writer: Donny Cates

Art: Aaron Kuder, Matt Wilson, VC’s Joe Sabino, Laura Martin, and Olivier Coipel

Price: $3.99

Release Date: September 16th, 2020

As the epic THOR #6 came to a close, the Black Winter showed the King his future demise from a horde of villains led by none other than Thanos wielding what appeared to be Mjolnir with the Infinity Stones embedded into the hammer! Could this vision possibly be true? And, if it is, Asgard will need a new King worthy of the thrown. Let’s crash into THOR #7 by Donny Cates to see who the possible suitors might be as well as the validity of this Black Winter.

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Cates sprinkles in some elements of sly humor this week with what appeared to be, based on the cover, an issue center around Marvel Heroes discovering who may possibly be worthy to wield Mjolnir. Alas, that was not the case with this issue. Ultimately, fans get a nice long talk between friends and a return trip to Oklahoma that ends with an irritating surprise. After two ridiculously epic issues in a row of THOR, readers find themselves searching for the trifecta but ultimately come up short by one horse as this issue comes to a close.

Can I fault Cates for a misconstrued cover? Well, I feel like he gets the final say… so as amazing and intriguing as the cover looks, it gets the point across of the issue but at the extend of misleading readers to its actual intent. Furthermore, a seemingly no named character is introduced and becomes the star of the show. My hope was for someone new and different, which we see, but not unknown. And frankly, my other peeve seems to be that Cates is living in a world of his own continuity. It’s as if he doesn’t play well with others. References to his GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY run are written in. It’s as if he’s weaving together only HIS stories and forgetting what anyone else is currently writing or did write about any of the characters. Plus, it’s not just this book. It’s happening in Cates’ VENOM too. It reminds me a lot of a certain someone who’s like a KING over at DC Comics


This issue will keep you interested enough. However, it’s a bit of a let down after two back to back killer issues. Sure, it’s hard to hit home run after home run but we don’t need to cork our own bats to get the win. Instead of grabbing from the tool shed that already exists, Cates seemingly creates a new character, or at least irrelevant character, to grace us all with some epic power. Will it be long term? Let’s hope not. Is it probably all for $&@$ and giggles? Probably. But this reader hates to be mislead nor does he like the carpet ripped out from under him for an idea that was never referenced or indicated prior. If the events of this issue amount to nothing, then all that remains from this issue is a long talk with a horse man. Is that a good issue? I really don’t think so. Let’s see if THOR #8 actually builds on this story or if THOR #7 was just a humorous stunt to fill an issue. Currently, I’m giving this issue a hard pass.


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