Thor #25 Review

Writer: Donny Cates

Artist: Martin Coccolo

Color Artist: Matt Wilson

Cover Artists: Gary Frank & Brand Anderson.

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

It’s the big fight of the year – Hulk vs. Thor! This time, the clash between these two heavyweight superheroes comes after some turbulent years against each other, and now tempers are flaring as they throw down once more. Hulk seemingly had an advantage, but in Thor #25, the spirit of Odin in the hammer Mjolnir might just turn the tables in Thor’s favor.

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Last time, Thor and Hulk were duking it out and Hulk was getting an edge until Thor threw his hammer allowing the spirit of his father Odin to confront Banner in his very mind. One thing the comic’s story delivers is a great back and forth between the characters in terms of dialogue and action. Right when you think one character’s got the edge and is going to dominate the fight, the other finds a way to turn the tables on them and keep the action interesting.

The art by Martin Coccolo continues to impress as he delivers all manner of fun and epic shots, poses, and dynamic action for this comic. Donny Cates and Martin Coccolo are a great combination of comic creators as Coccolo’s bombastic art matches every beat of Cates’ rollercoaster storytelling no matter how brutal, crazy, dramatic, or action-filled it gets. The colors by Matt Wilson give some colorful vibrancy to the comic, and they certainly help distinguish the fights between Bruce and Odin in the mental landscape and the one between Hulk and Thor in the real world.


Now, here’s a slight spoiler about this comic: readers finally learn what the mysterious “El Paso incident” really was. For those who don’t know, in the beginning of Donny Cates’ Hulk run, Cates teased this mysterious incident that happened in El Paso involving Bruce Banner and the comic only dropped a few clues as to what may have happened. The El Paso incident is the inciting event that set the series in motion and is set up to be so bad it put Bruce Banner on the outs with the Avengers and the rest of the superheroes again.

Donny Cates takes full advantage of the different stories he was writing in both Hulk and Thor to his advantage here. He makes use of the Hulk’s current circumstances to show how he’s fighting differently than before, while using Odin’s current state of being from his Thor run to further flesh things out about Hulk and Thor in ways only he can in his unique state of being right now. If you loved the first part you’ll love the second part of Hulk vs. Thor: Banner of War.

Final Thoughts:

Thor #25 continues the fast and action-packed Hulk vs. Thor event with more action and fights. The second part of the crossover event keeps delivering fun, high-octane action in the battle between Hulk and Thor with great art by Martin Coccolo and colors by Matt Wilson. However, it also expands on some story elements that fans of Donny Cates’ Hulk run don’t want to miss.


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