Thor #15 Review

Writer: Donny Cates

Art: Michele Bandini, Elisabetta D’Amico, Matt Wilson, VC’s Joe Sabino, and Olivier Coipel

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: July 14th, 2021

Lately, THOR has been having a little bit of trouble lifting Mjolnir. Depending on its mood, sometimes Mjolnir is way too heavy. Other times, it works perfectly fine. Yet, even when it appears to be working properly, others can lift it with ease. Remember, only beings deemed “worthy” can wield the hammer of THOR. So, what’s going on with Mjolnir? More importantly, after a grueling battle with Donald Blake, THOR finds himself even more unsure of who he really is. Could this feeling of uncertainty be the root cause of all Odinson’s troubles? Let’s thunder into THOR #15 as Donny Cates kickstarts this next Chapter for the God of Thunder. Maybe… just maybe we’ll discover what’s going on with Mjolnir, as well as the new King of Asgard in the process.

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This opening installment of a three-part arc from Cates was rather straightforward. The events of THOR #15 take place immediately following his showdown with Donald Blake and serve more as a gathering of information before the true “revelation” occurs. What revelation may that be? Well, readers won’t discover that this issue. Furthermore, there are no big cliffhangers or jaw-dropping moments to write home about. THOR #15 is merely a setup for the last two issues of the arc.

That said, the stand-out aspect of this issue came in the form of a conversation with CAPTAIN AMERICA. Cates shares a different perspective on THOR’S character that hasn’t been ironed out since this reviewer can remember if it has ever been. You see, Cates finally makes THOR seem like a capital “G” god. How does he do this? Well, THOR basically asks CAP when the last time they met was, which sounds like a silly question. Yet, after CAP talks quickly about the Phoenix Force, as well as the KING IN BLACK, readers see THOR describe those events as mere seconds on a day from his vantage point.

Cates shows an aspect of THOR’S character in a touching way that partially makes the reader feel for… God. Without going into too much detail, all this reviewer will tell you is to look out for the conversation between CAP and THOR while being open to a new aspect about Odinson, as well as God Himself. How does one build meaningful relationships if days are like moments easily forgotten in a sea of memories? Readers will definitely leave this issue of THOR with some thought-provoking ideas worthy of a strong cup of coffee, camaraderie, and some great conversation.


Michele Bandini and Elisabetta D’Amico did a fine job creating a sort of symbolic sandwich with the artistic style this week. Take notice of the layout within the issue and how it almost represents a Statistical Normal Curve in its design. An issue that opens with Mjolner in the foreground as THOR enters the scene ends identically. Yet this time, THOR’S back is towards the mighty hammer. Heck, even the panel layouts appeared to be placed in a similar fashion and symmetric in nature.

However, Bandini and D’Amico’s style seemed too cartoony for my taste while also lacking some depth and texture. Furthermore, in a variety of panels and pages, the background colors were almost of the same pallet as the characters themselves making it hard to distinguish between the two at times. Don’t get me wrong, the illustrations were not bad by any stretch. However, they just weren’t as crisp and realistic as I would prefer.


THOR #15 is merely a transition issue that sets the groundwork for the next two installments. Readers will find very little action, thrills, twists, or cliffhangers. Yet, they’ll leave with some thought-provoking questions and a new outlook on their favorite character. This week’s THOR is easy to follow, candid and provides insight into the inner workings of a God. However, as a whole, THOR #15 was missing its normal punch that leaves you excited for the next issue. Now, I have my speculations as to the direction of the series. Nevertheless, I’d love to hear your thoughts too. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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