The Swamp Thing #5 Review

Writer: Ram V. 

Artist: John McCrea

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: July 7, 2021

Reviewed by: Glimmer

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The Swamp Thing #5 written by Ram V. with art by John McCrea is the fifth installment of a ten-issue maxi-series. In this issue, Swamp Thing is joined by John Constantine & Sierra Kirre in solving the mystery about Sierra’s missing friend Nigel. This mystery leads them to uncover some forces at work behind (and under) the city of London. They soon learn that some things of the past can (and are) affecting the present.  


The Swamp Thing #5 is my least favorite issue in the series thus far. That being said, it’s not bad. Actually, it’s pretty good. But in this reviewer’s opinion, it’s not as outstanding as the four previous releases. This issue begins with a new storyline. Levi now understands the basics of his transformation into The Swamp Thing and how to handle these changes. He now embarks on his first real Swamp Thing mission – find Nigel and uncover the unseen forces beneath the city of London. Although the story is fine, I found it a little confusing and often wondered how confused new readers would be reading it.

If someone had never read a Swamp Thing comic until this series, I think this story could be a bit confusing. However, older fans of the character should have little difficulty in understanding and following the plot. The real gem of this book is the artwork by John McCrea. It’s excellent! McCrea gives us plenty of detail throughout the book that adds to the overall enjoyment of the story. His visuals of Swamp Thing are especially impressive. I also have to give props to the coloring by Mike Spicer. It is very well done and implements plenty of tones that work well throughout. Finally, the ending is a nice setup for a future storyline.


The Swamp Thing #5 is a fun read that most fans of the character will enjoy. Although I wasn’t blown away the way I had been with the previous issues, it’s definitely worth the price of admission. New readers can start here as it’s the beginning of a new storyline, but be aware it can be a bit confusing if you’re not familiar with the supporting cast of Swamp Thing characters. 


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