The Swamp Thing #3 Review

Writer: Ram V. 

Artist: Mike Perkins

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: May 5, 2021

Reviewed by: Glimmer


The Swamp Thing #3 is the third installment of a 10 issue mini-series by writer Ram V. and artist Mike Perkins. The series has thus far centered around a new Swamp Thing – Levi Kamei, who has been trying to deal with all the changes that have been happening to him. In this issue, Levi allows his friend Jennifer to run some medical tests on him, which transports the two of them into “The Green.” While in this mysterious dimension, Levi learns that he is the new “Avatar of the Green.” And thus, he has an encounter with Pamela Ivy (Poison Ivy) and Alec Holland. Meanwhile, Jennifer is separated from Levi and meets the mysterious “Wood…Rue.” 

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As a Swamp Thing fan, I was a little nervous about this new series when I learned that Alec Holland was not Swamp Thing. In my mind, Alec Holland IS Swamp Thing and the thought of someone else replacing him was not something I would embrace. However, being a fan of the character I was willing to give this new series a try – and I’m glad I did. Ram V. has thus far done a very good job in giving us a new Swamp Thing that readers can embrace, but at the same time, he retains many of the concepts of the past. Seeing Alec Holland in this issue gave me a sigh of relief knowing Ram V. is not disregarding everything from the former Swamp Thing and “starting with a clean slate.”

It’s clear that Ram has done his homework and understands the history of this character. I also enjoyed the artwork by Mike Perkins. It was a nice compliment to the story with detail and color that elevated the story visually. Although this issue didn’t have any battles or many fight scenes we are accustomed to seeing in today’s comics, it had enough intrigue and mystery to hold this reader’s attention throughout the issue. 


Overall, I really enjoyed this issue. Although I had many reservations about this new series, my concerns have diminished, and I feel confident that Ram V. & Mike Perkins will continue to give us a quality Swamp Thing story over the remainder of the series. If you have never read Swamp Thing in the past, but have an interest in the character, I would recommend trying this series and coming along for the ride with Swamp Thing – Levi Kamei. 


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