The Swamp Thing #1 Preview

Swamp Thing #1 Preview Cover 1

The Swamp Thing #1 Synopsis: Swamp Thing returns in a new 10-issue series that stars Levi Kamei as the next Guardian of the Green. Unable to control his transformation into the monstrous Swamp Thing, Levi is thrust into the harsh, unforgiving mystery of grisly murders committed by a supernatural desert legend. Levi must revisit past events in his homeland of India and face the deadly reality of a ravenous new villain in order to comprehend what he is truly, and horrifyingly, becoming. A new era of global action and horror blossoms here, and Swamp Thing will be at the root of it!

written by RAM V

art and cover by MIKE PERKINS

variant cover by FRANCESCO MATTINA

ON SALE 3/2/21

$3.99 US | 32 PAGES | 1 OF 10 | FC | DC

Check out the The Swamp Thing #1 Preview Pages below

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