The Green Hornet Vol 1 and 2 Review

Writer: Mark Waid

Artist: Daniel Indro & Ronilson Freire

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Price: $19.99 & $24.99

Release Date: 2013

Reviewed by: Glimmer


Green Hornet Volume 1: Bully Pulpitand “Green Hornet Volume 2: Birth of a Villain” are the two trade paperbacks collecting the thirteen-issue comic book run by Mark Waid and published by Dynamite Entertainment. They tell a story about a 1930’s newspaper publisher, Britt Reid (aka The Green Hornet), and his Japanese valet – Kato, as they fight crime in Chicago. The Green Hornet isn’t just a “run of the mill” superhero. Britt Reid’s alter ego fights crime by posing as an underworld crime boss himself. This storyline has Britt pushing the boundaries of just how far he can/will go to take down the bad guys while posing as a criminal. 

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Let me begin by saying that I have been reading comic books for over 30 years. I’m a huge Green Hornet fan who has listened to many of the old Green Hornet radio programs of the 1930s through the 1950s. I’ve watched all the Green Hornet TV show episodes from the 1960s. I’ve read almost every Green Hornet comic book ever published. I say all that to say… Green Hornet Volume 1: Bully Pulpitand “Green Hornet Volume 2: Birth of a Villain” collect the BEST Green Hornet comic book run ever published. I’ll go a step further and say it is my favorite series of all time! How’s that for a recommendation!

This story has it all! First, Waid does a great job giving the backstory of who these characters are and what they do. Readers who know nothing about the Green Hornet. Second, he writes a storyline that has action, fighting, and character development that stays true to the history of the Green Hornet. But my favorite aspect of the writing is the surprises that come at almost every turn of the page. There are so many times within this series that Waid does something within the story that I wasn’t expecting. Now let’s turn our attention to the artwork. The artwork by Daniel Indro & Ronilson Freire is outstanding and complements the story immensely. The detail within the sets and scenes are exemplary, and the coloring by Marcio Menyz is top-notch. It is also worth mentioning that both trade paperbacks include bonus material that includes the main & alternate covers, as well as the original scripts for issues 1 & 7.


In this reviewer’s opinion, The Green Hornet Volume 1: Bully Pulpitand “Green Hornet Volume 2: Birth of a Villain” are two of the best comic book collections on the market. Whether you know anything about The Green Hornet or not, if you enjoy reading superhero comic books, you need to check these out! Mark Waid shows why he is regarded as a superstar writer within these pages. 


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