The Flash #794 Review

Writer: Jeremy Adams

Art: Roger Cruz, Matt Banning, Wellington Dias, Luis Guerrero, Rob Leigh, and Taurin Clarke

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $4.99

Release Date: March 7th, 2023

The Fraction is moments away from victory, but they forgot about one thing…an almost-10-year-old with red hair and the power to turn things around. Finally, Irey West has found her new superhero name, and she intends to use it while saving the Flash Family from certain doom in this week’s The Flash #794 by Jeremy Adams!

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Readers, I’m not entirely sure what happened during the opener. Even though Superman doesn’t access the Speed Force, I’m pretty sure he manages to move a little bit to help which doesn’t make much sense. Plus, I don’t understand what happened with Jai. Did he move and then refreeze? It looked like his frozen appearance just flew at Miss Murder which is weird, especially without an explanation. Ultimately, I think the art, mixed with the dialogue made the entire scene a bit confusing to open the Flash #794. I don’t understand what Jai had to do with any of this nor do I understand why that would cause Miss Murder to just … leave. Why was she scared by some minor moment between Superman and Jai? And what did Jai really have to do with any of this? It makes sense to start the story here after the cliffhanger. However, the escape itself made very little sense and needed more guidance to be more transparent.

So, as you continue to read the Flash #794, somehow we see that even though Jai is still physically frozen, somehow he can connect to his sister Irey and practically fly behind her as she runs causing these concussive movements wrecking shop as she runs. Truthfully, it’s similar to what Jai used to be able to do with Wally years ago. Now, I don’t think Jai is currently aware of this or of what’s going on but nevertheless, Irey can still access their combined powers causing her to appear to have super speed and strength at the same time. I picture Jai kind of like Cannonball from Marvel Comics.

Nevertheless, the perplexity doesn’t end there this week. Adding to the confusion in the Flash #794 is the monologue by Barry about compartmentalization. He talks about his time as a crime scene investigator and how he’s been good at compartmentalizing his job and tragedy. Now overall, I would agree. Barry has been good at it, except not in the One-Minute War at all. This is the first time Barry has been calm, cool, collective, and in step with his character. So, it’s weird to hear him say these things when he’s been out of step and out of character since this story began. So, why switch now? What changed?

Yet through all the chaos, one element of Flash #794 was outstanding. The Jay Garrick escape was by far the best aspect of the issue. It was clever and drawn exceptionally well with the perfect play-by-play. Plus, his dialogue was reminiscent of someone who’s been through a lot and exuded confidence in the face of fear, adversity, and doubt. Adams made Jay tough and extremely likable. Most writers make Jay this appendage to the story, almost like a bit of character in a play. However, he’s so much more. And Adams finally utilizes his true potential. Hopefully, we get more from Jay in the rest of this One-Minute War other than the Grandpa figure who throws out some wisdom here and there.


The Flash #794 can be best described as chaotic. The issue is busy, confusing, and lacks some explanation involving many of the key scenes in the story. Moreover, the impact of emotion surrounding Wally, Barry, and Irey was incredibly short-lived. If you want the moment to hit hard, we need to camp out at that point for a bit and not race through it to another fight scene. And if you do race through to another fight scene, it needs to be revisited with focus to really hit the mark. Readers, I felt very little for Wally. A moment that should have been supercharged with emotion was hidden by quick-moving action and access to unexplained new power sets that just so happen to occur when you need them the most. Truthfully, I was expecting more from this One-Minute War that feels more like a quick fight. Fans get very little about the Fraction other than the opening pages of the One-Minute War Special. Characters and soldiers or the Fraction are introduced with the intent to carry weight but we don’t know who they are or what they do. Miss Murder was supposed to be this unstoppable character that ultimately ran away.

There are just too many holes, unexplained circumstances, convenient reveals, and out-of-character developments that leave this reviewer scratching his head. Plus, I’d talk about the art, however, it would be more of the same as what I already said in my prior reviews and I’m truthfully tired of repeating myself with something that won’t change anyway through this entire war. So, what’s the point? If you want to know my thoughts on the art, just look at every review of this event to this point. Readers, the best part of Adams writing has been Wally and he’s basically out of the story now. So, mixed with the chaotic, fast-paced action and story in this week’s Flash #794, I’m just finding it hard to stay invested in this story.


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