The Flash #780 Review

Writer: Jeremy Adams

Art: Will Conrad, Jeromy Cox, Matt Herms, Peter Pantazis, Rob Leigh, Rafa Sandoval, and Alex Sinclair

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: March 15th, 2022

Even the Scarlet Speedster can’t dodge the impending threat from the WAR FOR EARTH-3. Crossing paths with Earth-3’s Johnny Quick, the FLASH must quickly discover what he requires and why before it’s too late. Let’s race into THE FLASH #780 by Jeremy Adams to see how all this connects to the WAR FOR EARTH-3.

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After a quick scramble at DC COMICS, Jeremy Adams continues his story mixed into the WAR FOR EARTH-3 mini-event that ties together the SUICIDE SQUAD and TEEN TITANS ACADEMY. Now, what initially felt like a story hiatus when solicits were first perceived, has actually turned into a blessing in disguise for Adams and his FLASH run.

Fans who have been digging Adams’ FLASH run, will not skip a beat in THE FLASH #780. Actually, one could argue that it felt absolutely no different and barely resembled a tie-in other than the Johnny Quick narrative beats. So, fans expecting WAR FOR EARTH-3 will be disappointed to discover very little reveals towards that story. However, fans of the FLASH expecting a large deviation from the current status quo will find that Adams blends both aspects together beautifully.

To new readers who may be jumping on with this tie-in, let me explain what you get from THE FLASH #780, as well as Adams’ run to date. Fans get a Wally West FLASH that’s more wholesome, fun-loving, and down to earth. Adams writes the FLASH as more of an average joe, family man that always finds a way. There is this joy about who he is and what he does. And thanks to Adams, he’s found a path to return Wally back to the pillar of hope that he once was. So, as new readers dive into THE FLASH #780, that should help with the context leading up to the issue and who the character is as of right now.

Nevertheless, FLASH fans interested in jumping back on this book will find that THE FLASH #780 Is a great spot to do just that. A few things may seem a bit confusing but all you really need to know is that Linda somehow has super speed and the kids, along with Wally, just arrived back from Gem World after fighting Eclipso. Other than that, the issue was a quick read, straightforward, and easy to follow.


Will Conrad leads this art team by adding masterfully to the wholesome vibe Adams ensues throughout the story. It’s Conrad’s style that truly helps the character work in the issue. Plus, his stint is reasonably detailed and realistic to the eye. I love when an artist adds depth and texture to the page making the issue feel more authentic. Conrad does incredibly well in that context. Furthermore, the coloring by this creative team was so bright showcasing the speed force lightning practically leaping off the page. Overall, Conrad and his creative team mirrored Adams’ design and tone well giving new fans the perfect snapshot of what THE FLASH has to offer now with Adams at the helm.


Readers will discover exactly how a tie-in book should be as THE FLASH #780 balances well between the current story with just enough references to the WAR FOR EARTH-3 while keeping his own story afloat. FLASH fans continue their story while people interested in the WAR FOR EARTH-3 get just a taste to see how the two weave together. Furthermore, as a Johnny Quick fan from way back in FOREVER EVIL, I was happy to see him get some more air time once again, especially after the recreation of Earth-3 following the events of DEATH METAL.

THE FLASH #780 just made sense to have speedster vs speedster for this tie-in. Yet overall, I was more excited for individuals interested in the WAR FOR EARTH-3 to get the opportunity to dip their toe into THE FLASH to see how well Adams has taken the reigns and brought Wally West out of the $&@$ storm that began back at DC REBIRTH and crescendoed in HEROES IN CRISIS. Now’s the time to hop on board THE FLASH, especially with FLASHPOINT BEYOND on the horizon. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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