The Flash #777 Review

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RELEASE DATE: December 28th, 2021

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After the meta mind-bending last issue, The Flash #777 finds The Scarlet Speedster teaming up with Justice League Dark while on Gem World, trying to find a way to stop Eclipso. Meanwhile, in the West household, Wally’s son Jai begins writing in a journal, sorry “action log” and chronicles his sister Irey and her new friend Maxine. Who may not be just another little girl as she appears to be.

It is amazing for a modern comic how much story Jeremy Adams fits into a single issue without feeling overwhelmed. This feels like a throwback to comics before they were being written for the trade. This is more the format of having both an A and B plot in the same issue. With each issue fluidly flipping what the A or B plot may lead to. It was a format that made Spider-man very popular in the 1970s. Most comics these days are all A plot. So if that story isn’t interesting you there is nothing else going on in the comic to make you want to see where the plots go. With The Flash, Adams seems to easily shift the stories to keep the reader engaged.

Another thing refreshing about the current series is that yes Wally took over for Barry, but we have a Flash that isn’t new at this. He is also a seasoned veteran that does things slightly different, but it’s not a Barry vs Wally comparison. Wally here is as interesting of a character as he has been in years. In The Flash #777, we see a Wally amusingly interact with Justice League Dark. There is a fun moment where when their magic can’t fix a problem Wally actually applies science to solve it. He muses to himself how much Barry would get a kick out of this.

The B plot of what is happening with Wally’s family was surprisingly fun. I, not one that’s big on the home life of superheroes, found Wally’s family too charming to ignore. Watching Irey argue with her mom one second and immediately after Linda West makes a joke with her son felt like a family moment every family can relate to.


As for the art by Pasarin and Ryan, while the issue lists them as both artists, on Comixology Ryan is listed as the inker. Either way, the art on this series continues to amaze me. It is heavily detailed. The scenes with Justice League Dark prove that this art crew needs to get a team book someday. Or even an event series. As they are that good that this should be the next big name art team. But not too soon, as I want them to stay on The Flash for a while longer. Besides the big scenes with the heroes, even the quieter scenes with the West family are well done. The attention to detail and body language is worth checking out the art alone.


Between the Flash and the current Nightwing series, DC seems to be quietly bringing back easier to access and just plain fun superhero comics. The Flash #777 continues this trend. While it continues the current storyline, it doesn’t feel decompressed for a trade. You get plenty of story in this issue.


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    1. I have a feeling we are being led to believe she’s luring Irey out for that creature we see in the shadows on the last page. It wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out Maxine and whatever that is in the background are actually not out to harm her.

      1. Great catch! I didn’t even think of that! This is why I don’t usually try to guess where a story is going. Because I’m usually wrong. Lol

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